Fearless Negotiation for Solopreneurs with Joanne Zuk

I recently connected with leadership coach and consultant, Joanne Zuk, and liked her immediately.  We both came to solopreneurship after long and successful careers in another sector.  Joanne was in public service and I worked in nonprofits. In her current role, Joanne is on a mission to help female solopreneurs overcome their fears of negotiation so they can go after and get what they deserve and desire. 

Joanne is a leadership coach and consultant, a women's negotiation advisor, course creator, and speaker who helps women around the world ditch their discomfort around negotiation, and leverage strategies that actually work for women.  

In this lively convo, we talk about the 5 blindspots that cause women to settle for less than they want in negotiations, and how to get comfortable going from the minimum level to the dignified level to the generous level.  We talk about feminine conditioning, why negotiating like a man just won’t work for most women, and how we can use empathy to create better outcomes for both sides, instead of allowing empathy to be used against us.  


Mentioned in this episode:  Book - The Confidence Code by Shipman & Kay


Want to connect with Joanne Zuk?

Website: www.joannezuk.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joanne-zuk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joanne.zuk/


The Secrets of Fearless Negotiation Masterclass https://joanne-zuk.mykajabi.com/masterclass


Joanne Zuk and I both work with high-achieving women and are working to help them close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Joanne helps women negotiate more effectively and with confidence and I help them eliminate the beliefs and behaviors that hold them back. Take this quiz and get your personalized result, plus some actionable tips to start changing it! 

What’s Holding You Back?



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