You’re a successful entrepreneur.

but your ADHD sure gets in the way.  

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You’ve made it to where you are by working like crazy, taking risks, and using your energy and vision to  propel you forward.  


If all it took was a brilliant mind and endless enthusiasm, you’d be killing it by now.  But the truth is, running your own business also means getting shit done, staying focused and being consistent.  And managing your mood and motivation.  No wonder you struggle.

...show you how to manage your time and energy
In a way that works for your particular brain.   

And isn’t tedious or boring.  

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Good News - I'm Here to Help

Hey there. I’m Diann Wingert, LCSW, a certified coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs with ADHD overcome the roadblocks to confidence and success in both business and life.  I was a cognitive therapist for years before being trained and certified as a coach, so I'm no beginner. 




And,  I’m an entrepreneur with ADHD too, so I really get you—and I can help you.
Here’s how:


Life doesn’t have to be this hard.

I’ve got your back, so let’s move you forward.

After going through her online group, I told my friends that working with Diann is money well spent. Diann is a trifecta of strength, knowledge and passion. Her wise work will lead you to increased self-awareness, heightened intuition and honest communication. Diann will challenge you to face your deepest fears, but you’ll learn new levels of increased authenticity, greater resilience, renewed peace and more joy.