a certified coach who specializes in helping ADHD entrepreneurs overcome their roadblocks to confidence and success in both business and life.

And I’m just like you.

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.  I thought all I had to do was start taking medication and my life long struggles would magically disappear.  I hired a therapist, and joined an ADHD coaching group.  I could see that I was getting closer, but something was still missing.

I finally figured out what no one was teaching me:   I needed to learn how to do ADHD—and more importantly how to be ADHD. To not just understand it but radically accept it.


Diann Wingert

...my lifestyle and relationships around my entrepreneurial ADHD traits,
instead of setting myself up for failure and disappointment.

It freed up my energy, renewed my confidence and restored my momentum.

I started being honest with myself about what I really needed in a way I never had before.  

And I made some serious changes.  


This is not about denial Or making excuses.  
It’s a totally empowering way to look at
and make the most of your ADHD.  

I learned how and you can too.

Witold Randomski, MD

Witold Randomski, MD

I credit Diann with my increased awareness of my own “brand of ADHD” and being able to see and accept myself in a whole new way.   
I have worked with four previous coaches and feel that they each prepared me to work with someone like Diann.   She was able to coach me at the highest level because she truly understands the ADHD mind and the unique challenges of being a professional and an entrepreneur.  She helped me understand that I am a builder and that it’s a need, not a preference.
I also feel more open and more confident in my relationships with others, thanks to our sessions.   I’ve been given the freedom to create life and define success on my terms and to accept and embrace my ADHD way of being.  I’ve even made the commitment to blocking out time to explore writing as my creative outlet.