Hello, I'm Diann!


Therapist by Training & Coach By Choice

My jam is helping entrepreneurial women unlock their brilliance so they can create a profitable, sough-after business in their zone of genius

What I Do


I left a successful career as a psychotherapist to become a coach because I wanted to shift the conversation from problems to possibilities.


Now, I specialize in coaching & mentoring entrepreneurial women who work hard, do excellent work but just can't seem to go beyond their current level of success.  


Working with me means accessing a lifetime of professional and personal experience, two UCLA degrees, and first-class coach training.


I will call out your inner badass, inspire her to believe in herself, and lead her toward her true potential and radical results. 

How I Got Here


My badassery began as an adopted child in a highly unpredictable, and abusive environment, where I learned to be self-sufficient, resourceful, and resilient.


I quietly struggled with unidentified neurodivergency and a learning disability, in spite of being in gifted classes, leading to a massive case of perfectionism, imposter complex, low self-esteem, and eventually depression.


Three kids, two divorces, and a few rounds of therapy later, I discovered coaching and learned why therapy had helped me heal from past trauma but was not moving me forward toward my most important goals.


If you are stuck, spinning, or feeling overwhelmed, I’ve been there, done that. And I know how to get you moving forward again.

Why I Do It


Coaching and mentoring female entrepreneurs is my legacy.  I have come to understand the entrepreneurial mindset and why the most gifted, creative, and brilliant women are often falling fall short of their true potential. 


You know you are capable of so much more, understand that you are holding yourself back and are tired of watching those with far less to offer pass you by. 


Even if every other area of your life is going well, the gap between where you are and where you want to be in business is a painful, frustrating struggle.  


I help those who are ready to close that gap. 

What You Can Expect From Working With Me

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One of my favorite clients called me "The Speaker of Uncomfortable Truths."  Here's why: I am very direct & value honesty above being liked.  I will help you see yourself in the most insightful and life changing way possible, freeing you from limiting beliefs, victim thinking and decades of holding yourself back.  I will rock your world and blow your mind, in the best way possible. 

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One of the ways I balance my intensity is with humor.  My core concepts are full of analogies and metaphors, sarcasm and the occasional swear word.  Taking action even though we're scared is work, but I make it fun. You will confront your limitations and be inspired to go after what you really want, reversing years of self doubt in the process and moving forward with confidence and purpose. 

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I'm not only a coach and former therapist, I've been an entrepreneur myself since 2010, so I've not only got killer credentials, but lots of lived experience. I'll also never ask you to do something I'm not doing myself and you'll get full transparency with me, so we can shave decades off your learning curve.

Coaching can be powerful when you find the right fit.

Let's connect and find out.   


There is only one way to know if I am the right person, for the right reason, at the right time. 


Schedule a no-cost, no- obligation consultation.  It's like a first date without the awkwardness, I promise.   


I will only invite you to work with me if I am 100% confident I can help and you're ready to make it work. 


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"Diann combines the insight of a therapist with the skillset of a business strategist. Her ability to read between the lines and uncover what was behind my procrastination and indecision was spot-on. You'll walk away with actionable steps. The time spent is focused and not a minute is wasted. Well worth it!
Our VIP Day was like a gateway drug...I will be back!"

~Heather Frechette-Crowley


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"Diann is a great business coach who will kick your butt when needed, and help you see why you are not achieving what you are wanting to achieve. She will help you develop your idea, not hers or some popular trending business plan."

~Jancina Dyer


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"I was able to focus on my most profitable service vs chasing too many revenue streams at once. I hired a CRO and let go of two people who were not moving the company forward. I started facing conflict instead of dodging it and throwing money at the situation. I negotiated an exit strategy and then turned down the offer because it was not right for me.

I'm more confident about standing in my own boundaries, unapologetically. (most of the time!) I was able to shift the narrative around business growth decisions into a more positive and factual perspective. I am less hard on myself about perceived shortcomings and able to see them as assets."

~Traci De Forge


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