Leading With Your Values with Laura Eigel, PhD

I recently connected with today’s guest through our common belief that high-achieving women are most fulfilled when they are working in alignment with their core values, setting boundaries that honor them, and mentoring other women to do the same. Laura has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and is a college professor, author, podcaster, advocate, and coach.  She is also a wife and mom to two young sons.  

Laura’s company, The Catch Group,  was founded on the principle of living a life guided by your values. They believe that leaders should bring their authentic leadership to the workplace to build inclusive teams and that leaders should be able to have big career goals AND career fulfillment. Laura believes that top leadership at companies should be diverse and that women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ leaders need to hold more top jobs at companies. 

We hold very similar beliefs on women and ambition,  values, boundaries, resilience, organizational dynamics, workplace culture, diversity, and change.  

Here is what you’ll learn in today’s episode: 

  • Laura’s 3 Step Values First Framework
    • Tie the goal to one or more of your values 
    • Set up a system so it becomes repeatable
    • Celebrate consistency 
  • Laura’s personal and professional values and how they show up in her company
  • Jet setting and boundary setting (think introverts at a conference) 
  • Red flags and traps when experiencing conflict at work 
  • Why she named her business The Catch Group and why women in leadership need their catch crew 

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Laura Eigel and I both work with high-achieving women and one of the common themes is that in spite of our effort, there is often a gap between where we are and where we want to be.   Does this apply to you and do you know the cause?  Take this quiz and get your personalized result, and what to do about it! 

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