What is Your Unfair Advantage?

In this value-packed solo episode,  I share my perspective on a word that is totally overutilized in the coaching industry: AUTHENTICITY;  and why I think what is being taught by many is actually manipulative AF and anything but authentic.  My definition of authenticity involves true vulnerability, courage, and risk-taking and is strategic, not tactical.  

IMHO, authenticity is your unfair advantage, but there is more to it than that. What else can contribute to your unfair advantage?

  • Education, training, certifications 
  • Experience and expertise, paid, volunteer and apprentice
  • Life lessons, personal development, and even post-traumatic growth 
  • Gifts, talents, and obstacles you’ve overcome 
  • Acknowledging forms of privilege

The more authentic I have become, the more I have been learning to unmask myself and share who I am, and the more I understand that I’m not the only one who feels like a square peg in a round hole,  who has paid a high price for conforming to the norm and is learning to excavate myself from under layers of cultural conditioning that began almost in the womb.  

But, authenticity as your unfair advantage does not mean sharing everything with everybody indiscriminately, either.  What you share with the public, with your audience, and with your clients can, and probably should differ and authenticity never involves breaching trust or exposing information involving others when you have not requested consent. 

Also mentioned in this episode: 

If you find yourself thinking “I have no idea how to be authentic in my business” or “unfair advantage? Nope, I’m offering the same thing as everyone else”, it might be time to invest in the expert guidance of a business strategist and mindset coach.  Being a solopreneur can be overwhelming and you don’t have to figure it out alone.  

The first step is to identify which habits and behaviors are holding you back.  I created a quiz with 6 different behaviors I see in female solopreneurs.  Once you take the quiz, you will receive specific feedback, guidance, and practical advice about steps you can take to fix it.   

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So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman!  Please join us next week for an amazing guest interview with Belinda Sandor on why you ( yes you ) need a virtual assistant.  In the meantime, stay driven! 


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