The Role of Mindfulness on the Path to Authenticity

Do you tend to blame yourself for your own suffering? Do you feel overwhelmed by external factors and the impact they have on your emotions and experiences? If these descriptions resonate with you, it's time to take back control and embrace mindfulness. In a recent conversation on the podcast, my guest, Meg Burton Tudman, shared her powerful journey of overcoming perfectionism and finding inner peace through mindfulness.  This blog post highlights some of the most insightful parts of our interview. 

The Power of Taking Responsibility 

One of the key messages that Meg emphasizes is the importance of taking responsibility for our own reactions and experiences. While external factors can influence us, we are never powerless. By shifting our perspective, interpreting circumstances differently, and setting healthy boundaries, we can change the way external influences impact us. It's about taking control and making positive shifts in our lives.

The Importance of Body Awareness 

Meg shares her own personal experience of not paying attention to her body before she started practicing mindfulness and meditation. It was only after she began this journey that she became aware of physical discomfort and pain. This newfound body awareness has brought vibrancy, honesty, and integrity into her life. By listening to our bodies, we can start to address underlying issues and begin the healing process.

The Connection Between Mental Well-Being and Authenticity 

Meg candidly discusses her struggle with depression and anxiety, which worsened as she followed a path that wasn't authentic to her true self. She describes intense feelings of unhappiness and detachment as if she were floating through life. It was her body's way of signaling that something was amiss. Her physical symptoms mirrored those of pregnancy, assuring her that her distress was not just self-criticism.

Stepping Into a New Career Path 

Having reached a breaking point, Meg realized that her current career in sales and marketing may not be aligned with her true calling. She came to the realization that she could find success in something else and was open to exploring new paths. It was through the support of her husband, who encouraged her to take a pause and reflect on her passions, that she found the courage to make this change. Often, we continue on a path that no longer serves us because we fear the unknown. Meg's journey shows us the power of stepping into the uncertainty and embracing new possibilities.

Questioning Cultural Expectations 

Meg raises an important point about societal expectations and how they can lead to feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Despite achieving external success, individuals may still feel miserable, and their bodies may rebel. Instead of blaming ourselves, it's essential to question the cultural expectations we have internalized. Meg challenges the notion of being a "good girl" and explores how this pressure affects women and contributes to depression. It's time to break free from these expectations and live authentically.

Evolution and Relationships 

Part of Meg's journey included examining her relationships and how they evolved along with her personal growth. She discusses the challenges of introducing change into long-term relationships without triggering defensiveness or hurt. It's a delicate balance of being authentic and intentional while respecting the other person's journey. Meg encourages us to examine our relationships and determine if they align with our authentic selves. It's okay to part ways if a relationship is no longer healthy or fulfilling.

Embracing Mindfulness as an Experiment 

Mindfulness and meditation may be unfamiliar concepts to some listeners, but Meg urges us to approach them with an open mind. By treating mindfulness as an experiment, we give ourselves the opportunity to test out the concepts and observe the results. Meg's own experience of seeing the space between thoughts during meditation brought relief, presence, and a newfound awareness of her body. It's about pausing, tuning in, and developing a deeper connection between our minds and bodies.


Meg's journey of overcoming perfectionism through embracing mindfulness is both inspiring and transformative. It serves as a powerful reminder that we have the power to take control of our experiences, question societal expectations, and live authentically. If you're feeling stuck or unfulfilled, it may be time to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and embrace mindfulness.

Remember, it's never too late to start your own mindfulness journey and find inner peace. Take the first step today and embrace the power of mindfulness in your life.

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