Setting Boundaries Like a Boss


One of the topics I am asked to speak about the most, whether it is as a speaker, podcast guest, or with my own coaching clients is boundaries.  The subject of boundaries comes up so often because it might seem simple, but is actually quite complicated.   

There is no cookie-cutter, one size fits all situations solution.  Boundaries are culturally determined, affected by our personalities, temperaments,  stage of life, mental health, personal preferences, and whether or not we have a trauma history.  See what I mean about being complicated? 

In this week’s solo episode,  I am going to open up the topic of boundaries (we will have a few more episodes where we will dig deeper into various aspects of the subject…) by reflecting on the differences I observed visiting the homes of various friends as I was growing up in S. California from the families whose kids didn’t even have bedroom doors to those where the parents could not enter without the child’s permission and everything in between. 

Here are the episode’s highlights: 

  • What healthy boundaries look and feel like 
  • How to set boundaries like a boss if you don’t own a business 
  • The emotion that signals a boundary violation 
  • Boundaries while working from home
  • Boundaries are about access and expectations
  • How to move the boundary needle from uncomfortable to comfortable   

Could you use some serious help with boundaries in your business and life?

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So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman!  See you next week, when my guest Annie P. Ruggles of the Too Legitimate to Quit Podcast joins me to dig into the juicy topic of sleaze-free selling for creative service business owners. 


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