Client Success Story with Tracey Watts-Cirino

brain stuff Apr 19, 2021

Some of my most popular episodes are the Client Success Stories, and I am sure that this one will be no exception.  Today’s guest, Tracey Watts-Cirino, was a successful 20-year beauty industry leader and small business owner when she decided to hire me to help her figure out why she wasn’t reaching her next-level goals and her true potential.  

On the outside, Tracey appeared to have “all the things” - a long-term happy marriage, two thriving sons, a super successful business, and a book that was mostly written.  But she was frustrated by the daily challenges of running a service-based business, often felt misunderstood by others, and couldn’t seem to create systems that were both easy and sustainable.  And, what she didn’t understand about her brain works was really holding her back. Luckily for Tracey,  that’s my zone of genius.  

Enjoy our conversation where we catch up on all the amazing changes she has made,  how she completely transformed her business during a global pandemic, finished and published her business book, and launched her podcast.   

Some of the highlights: 

  • Is it perfectionism or giftedness that makes you so driven? 
  • Her lifetime habit of asking “does that make sense?” & how she was finally able to give it up 
  • Being a leader with ADHD means we need to show up differently 
  • The identity transformation from “I am too much” to “I am a force for good”

This week’s podcast review is from Tanyi, who happens to be one of my clients, too.  “Diann is truly a force to be reckoned with! She is second to none when it comes to truly understanding, working with, and transforming the lives of women with ADHD. I lost track of how many years of therapy, medication changes, misdiagnoses (and a whole ton trial by error) I experienced only to hit a dead-end in the middle of anxiety-depression.  I first heard Diann on another ADHD podcast and I KNEW I had to hear more from this woman. Despite knowing how gifted I was, my challenges with ADHD (and my skewed perspective on it) left me feeling like an absolute failure in every area of my life, I felt like I tried everything under the sun- until Diann. Hearing her talk about radical self-acceptance challenges the way I saw myself. and it began to change my life faster than a set of falling dominoes. After becoming a client, the huge roadblocks in my life became little puzzle pieces I just needed to rearrange. It all starts with your mindset. I've made more progress with Diann in a few weeks than in all my years of trying to make things better on my own. Seriously if you haven't subscribed to this podcast yet, then you need to pull over at the next stop and hit the subscribe button! Better yet, create the opportunity to work with her. Your life will never be the same.”   Can I just say I am feeling super grateful for clients and reviews like THIS one!  

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