Strategies for Building Trust, Respect & Communication Into Your Work With Clients

After years of heeding the call to abandon client work and making the transition into courses, memberships, and passive income products, many are now dropping these models and returning to client work.  What’s going on?  

Well, for one thing, the economy has changed and buyers are more skeptical of the outrageous claims that have become the norm.  Plus, client work is familiar and well-established, and in many cases, you can leverage your existing network, instead of spending hundreds of hours on social media and content marketing. Plus, it usually requires fewer clients to achieve your financial goals. 

But I get it, client work lost favor for some very solid reasons.  It can be challenging to figure out how to package, price, position, and promote your work and create healthy boundaries with clients. Trust, respect, and communication are the essential building blocks for healthy relationships of all kinds, including client relationships. 

In this solo episode, I share strategies for setting boundaries, communicating value, and positioning yourself as the clear choice for your clients.  If you find client work fulfilling, don't be discouraged by the obstacles, or dazzled by the passive income hype. Embrace the opportunity to make your client work satisfying, profitable, and sustainable. 


Key takeaways:

1️⃣ Client work can be a powerful and profitable business model. While other options like courses and memberships have gained popularity, client work offers the advantage of an established market value and a built-in network of referrals. Plus, you need fewer clients to reach your financial goals! 

2️⃣ Burnout is a real concern in client work. But with proper boundaries, communication, and pricing strategies, you can overcome the challenges and create a sustainable and fulfilling business. It's all about uncovering your stand-out difference and shifting your mindset. 

3️⃣ Trust, respect, and communication are the foundation for healthy client relationships. Recognize and address trust issues, unrealistic expectations, and lack of clarity upfront to avoid misunderstandings and frustrations. Building strong, respectful connections with your clients is key to success.


Mic Drop Moment: 

"I think your client agreement, in order to show respect toward both yourself and your client must have very clear cancellation policies, termination policies, and anything else that affects the relationship nature of your work together."


My signature program, The Boss Up Breakthrough can help you right-size your business so that you can avoid burnout, establish sustainable boundaries, and uncover the profit potential in your coaching or consulting business. 


We work together for 3 months to clarify what’s working, what isn’t, and where you can create more realistic systems, so you can start loving your business again.  At this time,  I am only accepting 1:1 clients and the first step is to schedule a free 30-minute consultation right here:


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TLDL for the time-pressured (or impatient) 

00:01:30 Client work is the simplest, most effective model.

00:13:08 Trust intuition, communicate openly and clarify expectations.

00:14:30 Include discovery call questions about expectations and experiences.

00:25:34 Avoiding burnout, ensuring your client work is profitable.


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