From Stress to Success: Why Multitasking May Be Sabotaging Your Traction

Are you a female entrepreneur looking to build a successful business while also maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life? If so, then this blog post is for you. In my conversation with Kris Ward for the podcast, she shares valuable insights and strategies for ensuring that your business supports your life, rather than consuming it.

Many of us experience the feeling of constantly racing and being on the verge of mania in our business. We get stressed when tasks take longer than expected or we find ourselves overwhelmed with the sheer number of things we need to do. It's important to understand that different personalities have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to running a business. By understanding your own personality and being mindful of navigating around its weaknesses, you can become more powerful, effective, and successful in scaling your business and saving time. Kris has a quiz on her website for identifying which of several personality types you are, which leads to greater awareness and understanding. 

One common expectation in today's society is multitasking. We are often praised for our ability to juggle multiple tasks at once. However, scientific evidence shows that multitasking actually reduces productivity. Instead, the ability to focus on one task at a time is a valuable skill that can enhance productivity. The concept of context switching, rather than true multitasking, is introduced as a more effective approach. By mastering the skill of focusing on one task at a time, we can tap into our energy and increase productivity.

It's easy for us, as female entrepreneurs, to fall into the trap of overthinking and analysis paralysis. We might spend too much time dwelling on the details and trying to make everything perfect before taking action. But as Kris Ward emphasizes in this episode, it's important to interrupt the pattern of excessive thinking and focus on what comes next. Taking action is key, especially for those of us who tend to be perfectionists, procrastinators, people pleasers, overthinkers, or second guessers.

Building a successful business requires strategies and systems that can be scaled. It's not about grinding and working long hours until burnout. In fact, many podcasters and entrepreneurs don't last past the three-week mark due to burnout. To avoid falling into this trap, it's important to receive feedback, constantly evolve, and perfect our work. However, perfectionism can hinder our progress if we focus too much on making things look right. Embracing our unique traits and characteristics, rather than trying to fit a certain image, can be a game-changer for our business.

Kris Ward's expertise lies in helping people build teams and save time. She emphasizes the importance of implementing systems, structures, and delegation and building a team to transition from having a job without benefits to having an actual business. It's crucial to recognize that everyone will experience something that disrupts their ability to work long hours and be everywhere at once. Kris suggests that pain can be a teacher and it's unfortunate that many people only start implementing changes when they reach their limit.

She promotes the idea that grinding is not necessary for entrepreneurial success. Success comes when we start systemizing things and building a team. Having a Virtual Assistant (VA) is not the same as building a team. Success is achieved when we stop trying to do everything ourselves and start implementing systems and processes.

One mistake many entrepreneurs make is judging themselves for not being more organized, focused, or disciplined. The truth is, that vendors are not part of your team and do not follow your infrastructure. That's why Kris promotes creating a team philosophy and empowering team members to become like little CEOs of their own departments. Building a strong team is the key to success and scalability.

If you're wondering how to make more money without working long hours or sacrificing your personal life, it's important to evaluate your current calendar demands. Are you taking on new opportunities that would increase your hours? Or can you still make the same amount of money while working four days a week? If you have a team and are not in crisis mode, it's time to aim for a new level of business instead of just treading water. Ask yourself if you have achieved the lifestyle you expected when starting your business.

In recent years, there has been a rise in the promotion of the entrepreneurial and laptop lifestyle. Many people encourage others to start a business and enjoy freedom. However, if not done correctly, this can result in creating a job without benefits, retirement, or scalability. It's important to avoid trading one job for another while potentially taking a financial hit in terms of hourly wage.

Kris Ward shares her personal journey of taking a break from her business when her husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. This experience taught her the importance of building a business that supports your life rather than consuming it. When she returned to work after her husband passed, her clients and the local business community were not even aware of her absence. 

The fundamental principles of business are the same for everyone, regardless of how unique or special we may think our business or situation is. Even successful companies like Amazon have commonalities with other businesses, such as leveraging systems and processes. So, if you believe your business is unique or special, don't hesitate to reach out and engage in a conversation.

In conclusion, as female entrepreneurs, it's crucial to ensure that our business supports our life rather than consuming it. By implementing strategies such as focusing on one task at a time, taking action, building a strong team, and implementing systems and processes, we can achieve success and a balanced and fulfilling life. Don't fall into the multitasking trap and avoid overthinking and analysis paralysis. Embrace your unique traits and characteristics, and remember that perfectionism can hinder progress. Let your business be enjoyable and take steps to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Feel free to DM me on LinkedIn or Instagram @coachdiannwingert or send me an email at [email protected]. I'd love to hear your thoughts! If you'd like to hear the full episode on The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast, you can do that here: 

Remember, your business should support your life, not consume it.


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