Saying No Like You Mean It


Two weeks ago we talked about boundaries and if you haven’t listened to that episode yet, I suggest you do.  Boundaries and knowing when to say “no” go together like PB & J. In this companion episode, I will be talking about not the mechanics of saying no (although I do give you a simple strategy for what to do when you’re put on the spot, near the end…) but more of the strategy behind the no.  

If you are a solopreneur, creative freelancer, or indie professional, you are probably faced with a million requests a day.  Knowing when to say “no” and why is crucial to having a profitable business and avoiding burnout.   The focus of today’s solo episode is on service-based businesses, but the principles apply to most businesses, and to our personal lives as well.  

Here are just a few of the highlights: 

Are you prepared to respond to requests for:

  • Discounts
  • Bartering
  • Payment Plans
  • Guaranteed Results 
  • Extra Time & Attention
  • Any kind of scope creep 

We are going to discuss the fears that keep us from saying no when we want to:

  • Fear of losing a client
  • Fear of negative reviews
  • Fear that unhappy clients mean we really aren’t good enough

And don’t forget to stay with me to the end where I will share a simple strategy for how to get yourself off the hot seat when you are ambushed with an unexpected request. 

Shout outs in this episode:

Copywriter Juliet Peay, creator of Killer Copy Week:

Book: The Four Tendencies:

Quote from my marketing coach, Claudia Schalkx


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So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman!  See you next week, when my guest Annie P. Ruggles of the Too Legitimate to Quit Podcast joins me to dig into the juicy topic of sleaze-free selling for creative service business owners. 


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