ADHD Mastery

This 12 week program will equip you with both the practical tools and new ways of seeing yourself & your ADHD traits.  

You will be challenged to let go of outdated habits & thinking, learn to manage your mood, energy & motivation and strengthen your relationships & self care, so you can truly enjoy your business and your life.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from working with me:

Increased energy and a stable mood (3).png
Increased energy and a stable mood (4).png

Here's How My Program Works

Over the course of 12 weeks, we'll dig into these six modules*:

*Because each of us is slightly different, with distinct needs, resistances, and goals—and because cookie-cutter programs don’t work for people like us—I customize this program to each individual client

We start with getting laser focused on what makes you unique—your strengths, your struggles, how ADHD shows up in your life and what gets in your way. Prepare to see yourself in a whole new way that literally changes your focus from problems to possibilities.

Before we can tackle an upgrade on your self esteem, we uncover the negative thoughts, limiting labels and self defeating habits that strain us, drain us, and leave us feeling like nothing we do is ever enough. These mental habits are a big reason we don’t reach our goals and sabotage our success.  

Then, I teach you how to use some kick ass self coaching tools that transform the way you think about yourself,  help keep your mood upbeat and optimistic and eliminate blame and shame. These techniques are as simple to learn as they are powerful.  

In this module, I will teach you how to orient yourself toward a goal in such a way that achieving it is inevitable. This skill is a total game changer and learning it totally blew my mind. If you have avoided setting bigger goals because you don’t want to let yourself down, this is for you.

Your ADHD brain needs optimal maintenance for peak performance.  Here we dive into the importance of exercise, nutrition, water, sleep, meditation, and a stress free environment for your brain's unique needs and how to create simple habits, routines and rituals that will take you from dragging yourself through the day to focused, fired up, and flame retardant.  

What if you could show up in your relationships at work and with friends and family taking full responsibility for yourself and asking for what you need, without guilt or apology?

This module covers all the ways ADHD affects our relationships and how to get comfortable with vulnerability without losing control.  We get rid of excuses, apologies, explanations and blaming and replace them with honest communication that works.

Here’s where we cover how to set true priorities, use strategic procrastination, reduce pressure and noise and manage focus by eliminating distractions.

Most successful ADHD entrepreneurs think coaching is all about time management and accountability, and expect me to start teaching them tips and tricks, tools and strategies from day one.

I've learned from working with many, many clients and from my own entrepreneurial ADHD struggles ADHD, that lasting, meaningful change happens from the inside out.  So, we save the tricks for last, when you mind and life are primed and ready to really get the most out of them.


Understand and accept yourself in a whole new way


Communicate more effectively with less stress


Focus on what really matters & get more done


Reach your goals more consistently and confidently


Know how to create an ADHD friendly lifestyle & environment


Appreciate & optimize your unique ADHD gifts


Be able to generate & maintain your momentum

I’m in! Now What?

I carefully screen my potential clients before we work together, so that I can be 100% confident they are coachable and that I’m the right coach for them.  

I have made it a priority to only work with the people that I am uniquely qualified to coach. I insist that every single client has an amazing experience and results with me, so I handpick the ones where I can virtually guarantee it.

Integrity is one of my core values, and I take it seriously.  It’s a win for both of us.

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I loved working with Diann. Her combination of intelligence and straight-shooting candor was awesome and happened to be exactly what I needed and it’s clear that she’s invested in her client’s success.

Diann helped me gain a deeper understanding of the fact that I'm in the driver's seat and I create my own life. I became hyper aware of how my default reactions were stopping me from seeing my own strengths and carving out the path forward. The ways she challenges you to look at things differently are effective and transformative.