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You're not just a risk-taker, but a true innovator with a flair for thinking outside the box. Yet, in the midst of your ambition, you find yourself overwhelmed by ideas and unsure which one holds the key to a standout, profitable business.


That's where my signature framework, The Boss Up Breakthrough comes in.

Who do I help?


You may need help with figuring out which of your countless brilliant ideas to bank on, so you can stop churning out more programs, products, and services. And finally, give up creating unnecessary complexity that slows your roll. Having too many great ideas is just as frustrating as not having enough of them., maybe even more so. 

You also need to know how to set better boundaries, silence your self-doubt and crush your perfectionism so you can get shit done in a reasonable amount of time, and without scope creep and giving too much away. 

I’m talking about the kind of coaching that really moves the needle in your business and helps you feel like a real boss, not just some freelancer with imposter syndrome who can't seem to say yes to what she really wants and hell no to everything else.

The kind that blows your mind and rocks your world. The kind I call The Boss Up Breakthrough.  



Embodying the essence of a true business leader, bold and unapologetic. Self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and holding yourself back out of fear of failure are a faint memory. While it might seem like successful entrepreneurs effortlessly set boundaries, command higher rates, and handle challenging expansions, the reality is that we all struggle with growth.

We've walked the same path – influenced by high-profile coaches, marketing gurus, and mass market course creators, and consciously or not, we tried to conform to their norms. But over time, we’ve come to recognize that our businesses feel like a house of cards, instead of rock solid and sustainable. If you’re here, my friend, you're not alone, and the frustration isn't your fault.

This is the unspoken reality of the coaching and online business world. It angers and saddens me that incredibly talented women are convinced they're floundering and believe others have it all together. The truth? Your exceptional traits as a coach, consultant, or creative professional set the stage for these very challenges.

I created The Boss Up Breakthrough to help fellow female entrepreneurs find their brilliance and build on it as a solid foundation. It's time to boost your confidence, embrace bold decisions, and gain crystal-clear clarity – all without feeling like you're compromising your integrity. The ultimate reward? A thriving, sought-after business rooted in strategy and your unique genius.

This completely customized 12-week 1:1 program brings together my expertise as a business strategist, mentor, coach, and former psychotherapist, as well as serial business owner of many years. My goal is to shave years off your learning curve, so you can finally close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Why The Boss Up Breakthrough?


You're done with bandaids; you're ready for a complete transformation of your mindset and approach from the ground up, so you can stand out, be sought after, and profitable, built on what makes you unique and special.  And trust me, you are. 

You're investing in growth by teaming up with a seasoned professional. You know shortcuts aren't the answer; a pro who's been in the trenches is.

Amplify your solopreneur journey with The Boss Up Breakthrough. Uncover your brilliance, redefine your limits, and claim your seat at the Big Girl’s table. Let's make this experience your most transformative yet!

Transcend self-doubt and step into your role as a bona fide business leader.

Say goodbye to business confusion, unproductive drama, and directionless endeavors.

Harness your unique strengths as a solopreneur and turn them into assets.

Navigate the nuances of boundary-setting, rate increases, and uncomfortable conversations.

Become the confident solopreneur you strive to be, without sacrificing an ounce of authenticity.

Coaching with me is Right for you if you:


➤  Are serious about making progress and expect to work for it. You're a smart cookie and know that nothing happens 'automagically". 

➤  Are done with the quick fixes, tips and tricks and are ready for something different, a totally new mindset that changes everything from the inside out.  

 ➤  Want to invest in your growth by choosing to work with a pro.  You're way too smart to expect massive change without some skin in the game and a newbie coach is a waste of time and money. 

➤  Understand that you are responsible for the results you get from working with me. You might be afraid of disappointing yourself, but you're more afraid of staying where you are.

➤  Have an established business but just can't seem to get to the next level and are tired of struggling on your own.

Coaching with me is Not Right for you if you:

➤  I am ridiculously intuitive and insightful and I am also direct, irreverent and fond of four-letter words.   If this is a turn off, we aren't a fit. Sorry not sorry. 

➤  Are just getting started, have no idea what you want to do, or don't even know if you are cut out for the entrepreneurial life

 ➤  Aren't really serious about addressing what is actually holding you back and taking action to move forward. It's normal to be scared but you have to want it enough to set goals and take action 

➤  Are currently dealing with the impact of trauma, abuse or addiction, because coaching may actually make things worse. If you are currently in therapy, you may be able to do both at the same time, so let's talk. 





I carefully screen my potential clients before we work together, so that I can be 100% confident they are coachable and that I’m the right coach for them.

My goal is to work only with the people that I am uniquely qualified to coach. I insist that every single client has an amazing experience working with me. Integrity is one of my core values, and I take it seriously. It’s a win for both of us. 

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I will not be coaching you on this call.

It's also not a high-pressure sales pitch. 


The purpose of the consultation is to determine if I am the right coach for you and if you are the right client for me. 


If we are a fit, I will invite you to become a client. 

It is guaranteed to be valuable whether we work together or not.

I promise. 

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