"I am at my best when I follow Diann’s recommendation for my morning routine. I always thought something was wrong with me because I didn’t fit the “Normy” type (Diann’s word) and I don’t check all the ADHD boxes 📦 . Diann led me to discover that I happen to be a gifted woman with ADHD. I still have a lot to learn and discover about myself and the way my unique brain 🧠 works and I am grateful to Diann for helping me start to unlearn some of my false conditional beliefs."


"Diann is excellent at recognizing ADHD tendencies, explaining adult ADHD and keeping me on track and accountable.

I loved that we worked on things other than ADHD (core values) but that you were still willing to share all of the ADHD worksheets with me to do on my own time.

Diann is an awesome coach and I am grateful our paths crossed."




"I instantly felt seen and understood by Diann. I intuitively knew she would have a tremendous positive impact on the trajectory of my future. The ADHD traits that I previously viewed as limiting but I am now able to recognize and utilize as leverage points to success. I am so grateful for all of your strength and vulnerability. You truly model the life that you are helping others achieve. You inspire me and have helped me embrace my inner strength."




"I loved working with Diann. Her combination of intelligence and straight-shooting candor was awesome and happened to be exactly what I needed and it’s clear that she’s invested in her client’s success.

Diann helped me gain a deeper understanding of the fact that I'm in the driver's seat and I create my own life. I became hyper aware of how my default reactions were stopping me from seeing my own strengths and carving out the path forward. The ways she challenges you to look at things differently are effective and transformative."



I heard Diann on a podcast within 24 hrs of my diagnosis and I knew I wanted to work with her. She was clearly knowledgeable and knew

exactly what I was dealing with and I had confidence she would be able to help me.

Diann is gifted at this and will help so many people. I can’t wait for her podcast and the group coaching to get going!!



I credit Diann’s coaching with my increased awareness and being able to see and accept myself in a whole new way. I have worked with four previous ADHD coaches and feel that they each prepared me to work with someone like Diann. She was able to coach me at the highest level, because she truly understands the unique challenges of being a professional and an entrepreneur. She helped me understand that I am a builder and that it’s a need, not a preference.



As someone with ADHD, I needed someone who could relate to my particular brain chemistry and all the challenges it comes with it. Diann's compassion and direct, no-nonsense approach was the perfect fit for me. Diann's "walk what you talk" coaching style always gave me real-life examples of how to apply the principles she teaches. Her personal experience with growth and change is invaluable, and I couldn't help but feel understood, encouraged and headed in the right direction after every session.


"I can't begin to tell you what a difference these sessions have made for me, both in terms of my relationships and in my confidence in general. I feel equipped with powerful tools. It's been an amazing journey, and you've been an incredible guide. I really felt like you "got" me and understood my struggles. I'll be forever grateful for your coaching, Diann."



"I have already shared the experience of working with Diann to some friends and family.  I will continue to share Diann's thoughts and expertise on this subject and I definitely recommend any women between the ages of 40-60 to reach out to her.  Our sessions were extremely informative and inspiring."



"Diann's coaching and the tools she used helped me to see I had control in a situation that seemed out of control, and that brought me peace. I am so thankful to have connected with Diann and grateful for the genuine care & support she provided to me. I highly recommend Diann to anyone that wants coaching!!!!"


"Couple things I'm noticing since we have started. There has been a really positive shift in my dating. First and foremost I am dating. Ha. And second I am confident and at ease meeting new people. And it is getting easier. Finding also I'm taking care of business. Getting things done as they need attention and dealing with it. Not perfect but making huge progress. The worksheets have been a positive resource for me as well."


"Diann is a tribeca of strength, knowledge and passion. Her wise work with lead you to heightened and increased self-awareness, heightened intuition, honest communication. Diann will challenge you to face your deepest fears, but you'll learn new levels of increased authenticity, greater resilience, renewed peace and more joy."

I cannot believe we have gone through six weeks of coaching already! Holy guacamole. It has been a fantastic experience for me and I absolutely adore you and think you are so dang intuitive and helpful as a coach.

Thank you a thousand fold -

- Renee

"Diann has the ability to help you understand what is going on inside the female brain and how to make the appropriate shifts. She has the ability to coach you through issues because “she has been there” and has the skills to help you understand. There are so many people out there now that are calling themselves a “coach” but only have a certification from an unknown source. Diann has the experience and education to really coach you to a better life!!"

- Nancy

"Diann is smart, funny, kind, and skilled at offering insight. Even though I know better, sometimes I think I should be able to do this by myself. She provided a non-judging space to let out the “unenlightened” parts of myself so I could hear what’s been in my way. She helped me practice what I know. Plus the support of her skilled guidance as I cleaned up my crap and started moving towards what I want helps me feel like I’m not alone on my path. "

- Melissa

Diann could relate to me and she made me feel like maybe I’m not a worthless crazy person after all! Maybe I’m even special in a good way! After working with Diann I finally feel like I’m worthwhile and interesting - not a nut. I like myself again . Thank you for that

- Patty

"Diann has helped me explore many aspects of my thinking in order to move forward. She encouraged me to focus on one specific action and practice it day in and day out, which has proven to be a spring board for me to develop other forward moving actions, thoughts and beliefs in my life. Her continual guidance/expertise keeps me focused on what I truly want to work on for myself. Invaluable."

- Debbie

" I realized through Diann that my habit of people -pleasing was not serving me at this point in my life. I have become much better at identifying times when I am tempted to do things that I don't want to do or am afraid of confronting or disappointing certain people. Diann have helped me become less reactive to other people in life and to recognize that I do not need to take most things personally but rather develop my own sense of self.

Best decision I ever made! Diann is a very intuitive, direct, and insightful coach.

- Jenny



You have to stop thinking & start doing 



Let's see if we're a fit & the timing is right