Does Your Business Need a Makeover?

Do you remember going to the mall?  Do you even remember malls?  Well, I do and one of the things I remember best is this: the only way to enter one of the big department stores was to go through the bright and shiny cosmetics department, full of “beauty advisors” with brushes and sponges in hand, dying to make you over in the latest fashion shades.  And who could resist?  

"There's nothing like seeing another woman sitting on the high stool and getting that temporary boost of dopamine and confidence that comes with having her face completely made over by a beauty advisor." 

We do love a good makeover, don’t we?  But what if what you are sick of, fed up with, and fantasizing about making over is your business?  Should you or shouldn’t you? 


In this podcast episode, I guide you through the not-so-simple process of determining whether a business needs a makeover or not, exploring the impulses to blow things up vs. making a long-term investment in building a sustainable business. It can be hard to tell when it’s time for a business makeover because it can range from needing to work on communication and leadership skills, adjust expectations, or shift from a business that is merely financially successful to one that allows you to use your gifts and express your zone of genius. 

Many entrepreneurs have difficulty determining if a makeover is necessary, so it is often helpful to hire a small business strategist or coach to help you figure out the next steps. After all, who doesn’t love bringing some fresh new energy into what they spend most of their waking hours doing? 


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Have you ever felt like your business needs a makeover?
  2. What are the signs that it’s time to makeover your business?
  3. Could your business be built on your zone of genius instead?
  4. How my client Stacey made over her expert business 
  5. Coming soon: Jan’s business makeover in Ep #152


Mentioned in this episode: 

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

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Chapter Summaries:


If you're a woman who started a small business anytime, I want you to pat yourself on the back. Even if you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, on the verge of burnout, and fantasize about running away, you have already beat the odds. There are many different ways to create a business.


The fun part is over, and now it's work. Some of the signs that may lead you to think your business needs a makeover. You're going to get bored with the next one. You don't want to throw out your current business and start a new one.


One of the biggest things I see with my clients and with people who have done a consultation with me is unrealistic expectations. Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. There should be absolutely no shame in calling it quits.


A lot of women start a business with zero leadership experience and they really don't see themselves as a leader. Everybody needs communication skills, whether you are a one-woman show or you've got a bunch of people working for you. If any of these are the reason for your discontent, then you can hire a small business strategist or coach to address these issues.


You may think your business needs a makeover, but maybe it doesn't. For example, if your business is built on your zone of competency and you are longing to express your zones of genius. When your business was built without taking your personal and business values into account, that is one of the more frequent examples of a business that should be made over.


Stacy had a thriving business, a clinical practice. She really wanted to be speaking and teaching at a national level at conferences. She dreamed about being a thought leader. Her makeover is actually happening in two stages. She stopped working weekends for future forecasting and future goals.


Jancina Dyer is an example of what is possible when you get serious about turning your business into the business you want. If this episode really landed with you, chances are you know another woman who also needs to hear it. Why don't you be a biz bestie and share it with her?



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