Dealing with Expectations

When I first started coaching female entrepreneurs,  we focused a lot on productivity and time management, because my clients wanted to get more done.  So, I taught them the latest techniques to identify their most important goals and to accomplish them more efficiently.  Over time, our coaching conversations had shifted to energy management - when to do our creative work and when to do the tasks that require more focused effort. But, they were still overwhelmed and exhausted. 

The more I dug into their biz shizz,  the more I realized what they needed most - obligation management. What am I talking about?  How we deal with expectations - our own and other people’s.  What I uncovered is that a whole lot of really smart, badass female entrepreneurs have shitty business boundaries, are over delivering and under charging and avoiding uncomfortable conversations with both their clients and their team.  


So, this is the topic of this week’s solo episode, dealing with expectations.  Because if you are doing more than you should be out of feelings of guilt and obligation,  you are going to keep on draining your energy and not getting things done.  So, sit tight and keep your seat belt buckled, while I share this week’s pod praise, from Jessica Foley (a member of our Facebook group) who writes:  


I’ve been meaning to write a review since I heard about this podcast and listened to my first episode. If you are a driven woman and might be gifted (or have a higher than average IQ) LISTEN to Diann! It’s like she knows how your brain is working and how to challenge it! She’s amazing and so are her guests !” Thanks, Jessica! 

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