Curious & Empathic? You Can Sell with Aleasha Bahr

I was first attracted to Aleasha Bahr because of the name of her podcast, “Sales is Not a Dirty Word” and the audacious claim on her website that she teaches “Sales That Don’t Suck”.  Because so many self employed women struggle with selling, I just had to know more. Aleasha is a sales strategist that has developed her own unique approach called “The Matchmaker Sales Method,” based on the way women sell. Women, in general have a distinct advantage, because for most of us, curiosity and empathy come naturally.  

The Matchmaker method is all about fitting, not closing, and it’s a way for even the introverts, rejection sensitive and sales avoidant among us can learn to sell in a way that does not feel gross or out of alignment with our values and personality.  


Highlights of this convo:

1️⃣ Shift the Sales Paradigm: What customers truly crave is the feeling of being understood and heard. Replace pushy sales tactics with empathetic and genuine conversations to build trust.

2️⃣ Matching, Not Convincing: The matchmaker sales method emphasizes finding the perfect fit between your offering and your customer's needs. This approach not only boosts your chances of success but also ensures a positive and authentic experience.

3️⃣ Power of Self-Value: Many entrepreneurs, especially creative and empathic individuals, struggle with rejection and undervaluing their own unique talents. You don't need to change who you are– embrace your style and connect authentically.


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For the time-crunched, or impatient, here’s the TLDL version:

[00:00:48] Matchmaker sales method: no convincing, just fitting.

[00:07:51] Sales conversation: understanding, curiosity, solving problems.

[00:24:59] People often don't recognize their own talent.

[00:34:33] Empathy and communication are key in sales.


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