Client Success Story: Meet Nora

podcast Jan 18, 2021

This episode is a very exciting Client Success Story, featuring my client, Dr. Nora Wagner who was a competitive weightlifter, got her Ph.D. in physical therapy, and is now an entrepreneur

 In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Nora went from Olympic weightlifter to a doctor of physical therapy 
  • Nora’s parents were told she had ADHD but dismissed it
  • Once diagnosed, she discovered she had been self-medicating by lifting weights 
  • Overcoming the obstacles of a difficult childhood 
  • Coming to terms with her ADHD and creating an ADHD-friendly life 
  • Embracing her identity as a thought leader as a young professional 
  • Being an alpha female and how that affects relationships with both men & women
  • Letting go of the past in order to evolve into her full potential

During our work together, Nora gained some really important insights about herself:

  • She realized that she did not have to downplay herself or make herself small in order to make others feel good and not intimidated.
  • She realized that when she was putting herself down for others, she felt exhausted and negative towards everyone around her, and that’s when she knows that she was putting her energy in the wrong direction.

 And made some practical changes in her life that moved the needle: 

As soon as she accepted herself and decided not to care about others opinions, she saw immediate positive changes in her life:

  • She got more clients and has more energy to devote to helping them. 
  • Giving her attention to much more important things.
  • She started going to bed early, getting enough rest and working out in the morning.
  • She got back into reading and being creative, things she felt she didn’t have time for.
  • Creating a morning routine made her focus on herself and appreciate herself more which leads to a positive outlook.  
  • Even her family, friends, and co-workers are picking up on it.
  • Now she owns her own practice and is beginning to plan to train other physical therapists, even creating her own advanced PT certification.

 Thank you, Nora, for sharing your story!   

Ways to connect with Nora


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Email: [email protected]


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Thank you,  NicoleRParker! 


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