Aligning Your Productivity and Purpose with Elise Enriquez

In this episode, Elise Enriquez joins host Diann Wingert to delve into the topic of being productive with purpose. They explore the societal pressures for women to deny their needs and the importance of setting boundaries. Elise emphasizes the value of experimentation and taking risks, even in the face of uncertainty. They discuss the need for a program that teaches women how to fail, take risks, and make mistakes without feeling like losers. 

The episode also covers the significance of self-acceptance and recognizing what one truly needs. Elise and Diann share personal anecdotes, practical tips, and thought-provoking insights to help female entrepreneurs achieve productivity and fulfillment in their businesses.

Elise Enriquez is a productivity coach and strategist, as well as a former Microsoft employee. She is passionate about helping women find clarity, prioritize their goals, and create simple systems that work for them. With her unique approach to productivity, Elise has helped numerous female entrepreneurs unlock their potential and make strides towards their dreams.


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Want to take the next step?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • How does societal pressure affect women's ability to prioritize their needs and be disruptive in their pursuits?
  • What are the benefits of running experiments and trying new paths, even when uncertain of the outcome?
  • How can we overcome the fear of making mistakes and embrace the value of experimentation and learning from failures?
  • What does true productivity look like, and why is it important to understand our individual patterns of success and failure?
  • How does self-acceptance and recognizing our needs lead to better productivity and support for driven women entrepreneurs? 


If you are ready to shift your business from doing what you’re used to doing to what is aligned with your purpose, my Boss Up Breakthrough framework is a great place to start.  We take a look at what is working and what no longer is, where you need to Boss Up your boundaries, your offers, your pricing, or your marketing strategy and start implementing the changes that move the needle.  We will also make sure you are including self-care in your business plan so that you’re not just successful on the outside, but aligned with your values, and priorities on the inside.  

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