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Many of my clients hire me because they have plateaued in their business and don’t know how to move to the next level.  If I was a typical business coach, I would fire up a spreadsheet,  start talking about business models, paid advertising and scaling their offer.  But, I have learned from my own entrepreneurial journey that until you truly understand your Zone of Genius,  you won’t find more satisfaction at the next level, in fact, you’re probably going to experience further disillusionment and maybe even burnout.

Discovering our upper limit issues has helped so many female entrepreneurs make sense of their perfectionism, imposter complex and self sabotage, and why no matter how hard they work, they just can’t seem to break through a certain income ceiling, or pattern of overdelivering and under-earning.   Everyone has these upper limits and the really good news is that once you see them for what they are and understand that they are learned, you stop shaming and blaming yourself and can start focusing on spending more time in your Zone of Genius.   

This is where the real magic happens and we can continue to evolve in an upward spiral of success, happiness and well being.  In this solo episode, the last in the 3 episode series on the topic, I take you through the same questions I use with my coaching clients to help them discover their Zone of Genius.  

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Now that you can recognize your upper limits and how to break through them, it’s time to create space for the unique gifts and talents that make you stand out. Here is the link to this week’s worksheet: 

Your Zone of Genius Worksheet 


If you missed Episode #63 or forgot to grab the first worksheet in the series, here is that link, once a

Identifying Your Upper Limits Worksheet 


Episode #65 was the second worksheet in the series, so in case you missed it, here’s that one: 

Growing Beyond Your Upper Limits 


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A word of thanks 

This mini-series on upper limit issues and the zone of genius would not be possible without the groundbreaking book,  The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, PhD.  which has been instrumental in both my own transformation and the work I do as a business mindset coach for female entrepreneurs. 

The questions I mentioned in this episode are: 

  • When do you feel most alive and energized? 
  • What are you doing? What are you thinking?
  • What are you feeling? How are you doing this thing?
  • When are the “fist pump moments” where you feel at your finest?  
  • When you join a work (or social group) what did you bring to the table 

(or the party) that wasn’t there before?


So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman!  See you next week, when my guest Vanessa Zamy joins us to talk about the side hustle start to entrepreneurship! 


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