Who is Responsible for Client Results?

Have you been told that clear communication is the key to improving client results, but are still struggling with client expectations? Don’t know why some clients become raving fans and others are never satisfied with your work?  Discover the secrets to clear  communication, effective decision-making, well-defined scope of work, and goodbye to the frustration of unmet expectations and hello to a thriving partnership with your clients.

By discussing the scope of work, boundaries, and communication preferences, business owners can avoid misunderstandings that could lead to disappointment or negatively impact the client relationship. I strongly recommend establishing these expectations upfront to ensure that clients and business owners are aligned and understand their respective roles and responsibilities. But, I will also teach you how to assess a prospective client’s decision making style before you begin, insuring a better outcoming and eliminating unpleasant surprises altogether.  

During the episode, I shares my insights on the importance of being explicit about what services will be provided and how these services can help clients achieve their goals. For consultants and coaches, being transparent about the limitations of their expertise is also essential, as it ensures clients have an accurate understanding of the services they provide, the outcomes they can expect, and the level of responsibility consultants hold for their results.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Enhance your expertise in managing client expectations with strategic communication.
  • Uncover compatible decision-making methods, supported by tailored guidance.
  • Develop and negotiate unambiguous work scopes to protect clear-cut boundaries.
  • Break free from wishful thinking by asking the most important questions upfront.
  • Employ screening techniques to attain mutual satisfaction in client partnerships.
  • Decide on guarantees, refunds or even terminate a client agreement with certainty. 

Want to hear more on the topic of client expectations based on your role? Check out this episode: Ep #135 Business Strategist, Consultant or Coach: Which One Do You Need? https://bit.ly/3ivH3az


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