Trusting Your Instincts & Building Something Authentic with Jessica Lackey

I’m excited to share my interview with business coach, consultant and fractional COO, Jessica Lackey with you.  Since we talk about courage and authenticity in this episode, I think it’s important that I acknowledge something. When I was first introduced to Jessica Lackey by a mutual mentor, I expected to be a little bit intimidated because she has an MBA from Harvard, was a consultant for top-ranked McKinsey & Company and also had a successful corporate career at Nike.  I am certainly no slouch, with a master's degree from UCLA and a resume with plenty of high profile employers of my own, our culture teaches us to compare and compete, so those insecurity vibes were there.  

What I experienced in getting to know her is that Jessica Lackey is like many high ability and high performing women I’ve known: approachable and down to earth, which is to say - warm, funny, and genuine.  After years of pushing herself to fit into the mold, she embarked on a journey of self-exploration, diving into alternative healing modalities and ancient teachings. Today, she is a business coach who empowers others to embrace their authentic selves and create lives that align with their values and potential.

While our paths were not identical, Jessica and I internalized many of the same beliefs growing up.  When you are identified as gifted in elementary school, the message you get is that you have a lot of potential and you need to live up to all expectations placed on you.  While both of us remained on the overachiever path for quite some time, eventually each of us reached a point where we recognized that the success we had created did not feel fulfilling.   

Here’s what we cover in this vulnerable conversation: 

- Toxic productivity which results in disconnection from awareness

- Learning to trust oneself and recognizing the importance of being authentic

- Alternative healing modalities and how they can facilitate growth and insight 

- Discovering our values and the concept of Dharma

- Using our gifts to serve the broader good and not just maximizing wealth

- The experience of Impostor syndrome and rejection sensitivity as gifted adults 

- The courage it takes to learn to trust yourself and building something authentic 


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For the time crunched, or impatient: go back (or skip)  to your favorite parts! 

00:10:16 Breaking Free: Corporate Ladders and Crucible Moments

00:14:44 Understanding the Limits of Adult-Defined Identity

00:22:25 "Leaving Nike: Family Pushback and Pursuing Happiness"

00:26:51 "Evolve Your Personal Values: A Painful Journey"

00:33:16 "Life Coaching Journey Leads to Pandemic Resignation"

00:39:56 "Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: Trust and Authenticity"

00:43:46 "Women Entrepreneurs Exploiting Each Other: Reality Check"

00:47:38 "The Fascinating Path of Personal Evolution"


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