The Transformational Power of a Therapeutic Business Coach with Traci De Forge

Traci DeForge, a visionary entrepreneur and podcast industry trailblazer, joins me on the podcast to discuss the advantages of working with a business coach who has a therapeutic background. Traci, the founder of Produce Your Podcast, has built a successful podcast production and marketing agency by leveraging her creativity, business acumen, and ability to connect with like-minded individuals. 

When Traci decided it was time to hire a business coach, she expected to gain clarity on how to grow and improve her company, but she specifically chose to work with a coach who had a background as a licensed psychotherapist because her other goal was to break the patterns of self-sacrifice that were holding her back. This decision meant both the business and the business owner were about to be transformed. 

This conversation recreates that transformation and how it impacted Traci's business model, leadership style, identity as a CEO, and the future of the company.  Her journey showcases the importance of addressing both mindset and business obstacles in achieving personal and professional growth. Whether you are new to The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast or a long-time listener, chances are you have asked yourself “why would you choose to hire a business coach who was a licensed psychotherapist in a previous career?”  This Client Success Story episode does an exceptional job of demonstrating how my background, coupled with my business acumen and experience was the perfect combo for Traci De Forge, and it might be for you too.  


In this episode, we will share:

  • The unexpected benefits of seeking guidance from a business coach with a background in therapy.
  • What can happen when you recognize the impact of clear communication and defined limits on business success?
  • Overcoming challenges within your team by releasing people-pleasing and overworking tendencies most female CEOs have


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