The Not-so-Secret Secrets of Confidence with Nicole Kalil


Today’s guest, Nicole Kalil is a speaker, trainer, and host of the This is Woman’s Work Podcast. She left a successful corporate career in the male-dominated industry of financial services and is now an executive coach for women in leadership positions in a variety of industries.  As you will hear in this interview, Nicole is just as passionate about helping women to reach greater levels of confidence and success as I am. 

Nicole shares her favorite definition of confidence, the 5 limiting beliefs that derail our confidence, and the 5 beliefs we can replace them with that are confidence boosters.  We also talk about our thoughts on the advice to ‘fake it til you make it,” whether she believes any woman can develop confidence and whether you can actually have too much confidence.  This convo will not only motivate and inspire you, but you can put Nicole’s advice into practice today. 

One of the most heartfelt moments in the interview is Nicole sharing her mantra for when times are hard, in which she reminds herself that she is her young daughter’s role model.  I must admit I teared up just a bit, right along with her.


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