The Cure for Imposter Syndrome

Human beings have a need to understand themselves and others.  We label behavior and decide what is normal and what is not.  Our culture is particularly fond of pathologizing behavior and especially the behavior of women.  The way we speak to and about ourselves matters a lot.  We have all literally learned to think of ourselves in a certain way from an early age and it is a lot harder to change those beliefs than it is to question them before they stick. 

We have all used labels to refer to ourselves and others in ways that are harmful, inaccurate, and lasting.  Referring to ourselves as having imposter syndrome may be spot on, or not.  When we lack the confidence to start a business, ask to be paid for our services, are afraid to raise our rates, set boundaries with clients, or hold our team members to a higher standard, is it imposter syndrome, or could it be something else?  

Just because you don’t feel comfortable introducing yourself as a business owner at a virtual mixer, doesn’t mean imposter syndrome is the reason. Your challenges may be a mindset issue, but they might just as well be an issue of experience or skill. I unpack the cure for imposter syndrome by helping you figure out that imposter syndrome is not what is going on with you, so you can do something about what is.  

Imposter syndrome is the description of a very specific kind of problem that occurs among high-achieving women who attribute their accomplishments to luck rather than to competency, effort, and determination.  It should not be used as a ‘catchall” phrase for every time any of us is scared, unprepared, or avoids anything uncomfortable in business.  Sometimes we need to do something different not just think something different.  

Resource mentioned in this episode: My buddy, non-sleazy sales specialist, Annie P Ruggles 

I warned you.  She is brilliant.  You might just fall in love with sales and with Annie.


So, maybe you figured out you really don’t have Imposter Syndrome. Hooray! But wait, you still aren’t crushing your goals. No worries. 

I created a quiz with 6 different behaviors I often see in female solopreneurs that limit their income, profit, and success.  Take the quiz, and get specific feedback, guidance, and practical advice about your particular challenge and more importantly, steps you can take to fix it.   

Click on this link to take the quiz: What’s Holding You Back?


Did you hear the news?  

I am launching my brand new group program this fall, The Boss Up Breakthrough, based on my proven framework for next-level success for female solopreneurs.  This program is one part coaching, one part mastermind,  one part accountability circle, and a whole lotta fun getting past whatever is holding us back, with a small group of other baddies. 

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So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman!  Please join us next week for another amazing guest interview with Laura Eigel, Ph.D. from The Catch Group.  I was a guest on Laura’s podcast, “You Belong in the C Suite” and now it’s my turn to share her brilliance with you.  We talk about Laura’s new book and her values first leadership model.  

In the meantime, stay driven! 


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