Staying Small is Not Playing Small with Maggie Patterson

Did you know that despite the pressure to scale and grow indefinitely, the majority of businesses are small, and that most female entrepreneurs do not reach six figures? We discuss this and much more in this eye-opening episode with BS-free business consultant, Maggie Patterson!  Maggie and I dig into the myths and hype that lead small business owners to invest in things that do not move the needle,  cause them unnecessary stress and anxiety and shrinking their bottom line.  If you are one of the many female solopreneurs who is questioning whether she wants to grow an online empire or simply stay small and sustainable, this episode is a must listen! 


Key Takeaways from the Episode:

🎙️ The importance of critical thinking and questioning in decision-making

🎙️ Challenges of making hasty decisions in purchasing courses and other products

🎙️ Marketing tactics and survivorship bias in the online business ecosystem

🎙️ Impact of societal expectations on entrepreneurship and mental health

🎙️ Distinguishing between mindset issues and reasonable concerns in business


Mic Drop Moment: 

"I want to create a community and environment where we can grapple with, 'How do I pay myself more? How do I sell strategy? How do I plan in a way that actually works for me?'"   Maggie Patterson


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I’lll help you Boss Up your boundaries, your offers, your pricing, and your marketing strategy and remove anything that keeps you a best kept secret.  We will also make sure you are including mental wellness in your business plan so that you’re not just successful on the outside, but aligned with your values, and priorities on the inside.  


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