Client Success Story: Emily Rapp Black


This episode is a very exciting Client Success Story, featuring Emily Rapp Black, a college professor of creative writing,  NY Times best selling author with four published memoirs including her latest, Frida Kahlo and My Left Leg.  Emily is also a mother and entrepreneur with two businesses.  She is a Peloton enthusiast, wickedly funny and has never let her ADHD or her prosthetic leg slow her down.  

When it comes to business, many of Emily’s challenges were related to boundaries, settling limits and charging for the tremendous value she brings to her collaborative writing clients.  Emily knew she was saying “yes” to too many kinds of projects which limited her income and time for her most important goals, like taking a month off every summer to work on her own writing projects.

In this episode, we talk about things we addressed through coaching:

  • Identifying your non-negotiables and communicating them with confidence  
  • How personal values of sensitivity, empathy and generosity can create challenges in business
  • Growing your business by embracing intentional constraints in who you work with, your scope of work and what you charge 


Today’s Podcast Praise for The Driven Woman comes from Tricia Dempsey who says:  

“Diann is my new business BFF! Her perspective of driven entrepreneurs is a breath of fresh air. She is such a role model for all of us because she is vulnerable and bold enough to speak about what we are all thinking and at the same time, holds space for those in the messy middle of reaching their goals. Thank you Diann for being a great example of what's possible for us all.”  Thank you, Tricia! 


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Just last week, Emily published her latest memoir, “Frida Kahlo and My Left Leg” where she shared her personal journey as an amputee and how she is inspired by the life of Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo (I am a huge Frida fan, and it is one of many things Emily have in common!) 

Here is a link to the book on Amazon:


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