The Hidden Costs of Social Media With Meg Casebolt

Looking to uncover the hidden costs of social media? In this episode of The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast, I sit down with Meg Casebolt, an SEO strategist, and dig into the impact of social media on female entrepreneurs. Meg shares invaluable insights on the resource allocation decisions to consider when it comes to social media and unveils the truth about anxiety and the fear of missing out in the online world, as well as the mental capacity it takes to spread yourself thin across multiple platforms. 

Learn about the importance of making intentional choices and setting specific times to be online to alleviate the pressure to constantly perform. We explore the societal shift towards a digital focus and the benefits and challenges it brings. Meg shares her personal experience of taking 100 days off social media and how it affected her mental health. 

We explore the power of genuine relationship building, as well as the pitfalls of transactional networking. Come along on this thought-provoking conversation as we encourage critical thinking and aligning your actions with your true self. If you're craving deeper conversations, this episode is for you. Join us as we unpack the costs of social media and explore alternative marketing approaches that go beyond the superficial. 


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Meet our guest: 

Meg Casebolt is an author, podcaster, and SEO specialist who has spent the last two years delving into the impact of social media on online marketing and its effects on mental health. Her first book, "Social Slowdown," explores the misconception that social media is synonymous with digital marketing and challenges the traditional approach preached by industry leaders. 

Through her podcast, also titled "Social Slowdown," Meg has had numerous conversations with experts in the field, which inspired her to compile the best parts of these discussions into a linear and consumable format, in other words, a book. With a passion for connecting with like-minded individuals, Meg is dedicated to spreading awareness about the detrimental effects of social media and advocating for a more mindful and balanced approach to marketing.

And, if that’s not enough, Meg is also a fellow ADHD-powered entrepreneur. 

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For the time-crunched, or impatient, here’s the TLDL version:

00:04:26 Social media lacks depth, and rewards quick content.

00:09:36 Social media seems free but has costs.

00:14:45 Gaslighting of those seeking success online.

00:22:07 Relationship-based marketing boosts business through referrals and networking.

00:27:38 Society has gone digital and stayed connected online.

00:35:39 Trends: decrease in anxiety, intentional choices, finding clients off social media.

00:43:37 Importance of prioritization and redefining success.

00:51:50 Audience knowledge, clear messaging, specific pain points.

00:58:42 Visualize future self and plan content accordingly.

01:00:25 Simple strategy for creative people's benefit. (7 words)


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