Marketing Your Expert Identity with Michelle Mazur

Expertise is often undervalued in today's online culture, especially when the coaching industry deems anyone an expert who is "two steps ahead" of their client, but Dr. Michelle Mazur is determined to change that. With a Ph.D. in communication, and a brilliant framework called "The Three Word Rebellion", author, speaker, podcaster, and messaging consultant, Michelle Mazur has a lot to say about expertise, the anti-expert bias that is flooding the internet with cookie-cutter programs, short-sighted advice and leaving people feeling duped. 

If you are a legitimate expert, chances are you think you suck at marketing and don't know how to stand out from the crowd without feeling like a sleazeball about how to help clients who value what you have to offer to find you and hire you. So, Michelle and I are here to break it down, like this: 

  • The importance of owning your expertise in your messaging and marketing.
  • The rewards and benefits of working with experts to create tailor-made solutions.
  • Face the marketing challenges experienced by experts and skilled professionals.
  • Streamline your marketing efforts by doing more with less.
  • Accelerate your success by forging alliances with fellow experts


Meet Dr. Michelle Mazur

Say hello to Michelle Mazur, an accomplished expert in marketing and messaging for entrepreneurs. With a keen understanding of how to navigate the complex online world, Michelle has dedicated her career to empowering business owners to market their expertise effectively. She's also the founder of the Expert Up Club, a supportive community that encourages experts to embrace and showcase their skills and because I was already a fan, I jumped at the chance to become one of the club's founding members.

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If you remember one thing from this episode make it this: 

Gaining confidence and a sense of control when it comes to owning and marketing one's expertise can be challenging for many entrepreneurs, especially when they face insecurities and potential backlash from the anti-expert community. This ownership should not be confused with arrogance, but rather an opportunity to showcase unique skills and knowledge. During the interview, Michelle pointed out that claiming one's expertise is an identity issue. Many individuals struggle with accepting and truly embracing their expertise, even when they have amassed years of experience and impressive credentials. Taking pride in being an expert allows entrepreneurs to focus on their clients while building a solid foundation for marketing.


Mic Drop Moment:  

“The kind of people who sit around thinking about how to market themselves are not the type of people who develop these exquisite expertises.” Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball  & Host of the Against the Rules Podcast.  


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00:00:01 - The Tricky Business of Online Marketing

00:03:41 - The Gap between Traditional and Online Marketing

00:07:02 - The Appeal of Quick and Easy Solutions

00:09:45 - The Importance of Marketing to Seasoned Audiences

00:15:47 - Owning Your Expertise

00:17:36 - Impostor Syndrome and Expertise

00:22:13 - Benefits of Working with an Expert

00:27:05 - Overcoming Marketing Resistance

00:32:16 - Do Less But Better Marketing Strategy

00:36:25 - The Importance of Collaboration

00:40:01 - The Value of Paid Advice

00:43:17 - The Importance of Valuing Experts


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