How to Love Your Business with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

podcast Jun 14, 2021

Today I am joined by Nicole Lewis-Keeber, who is a therapist, coach, consultant, speaker, certified Daring Way and Dare to Lead facilitator, and author of a brand new book we are going to talk about in detail. 

She has developed a fascinating body of work around the intersection of trauma and entrepreneurship and as a business therapist, Nicole is on a mission to helps entrepreneurs create a trauma-free business, where their inner kiddo becomes a true CEO.  

Nicole’s new book is called “How to Love Your Business.” The subtitle really says it all, Stop Recreating Trauma and Have a Business You Love- And That Loves You Back.  

I bought the book the day it was released, devoured it and wrote down all my questions, in anticipation of this interview.  

We do a deep dive into several areas of the book I found most fascinating:

  • Trauma and boundaries 
  • How to Love Your Inner Critic
  • Emotional Sustainability Plan 

Common Manifestations of the Inner Critic:

The Worrier

The Insecure Bluffer

The Annihilator

Key takeaway:  Your inner critic is your protector, not a bully 


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