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I don’t often get to work with clients at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, and it is very exciting when I do.  When I heard from Danielle Meitiv she was just a few months into her business and even though she is a woman in her 50’s she built an audience of over 150k people in just a few months in a place you wouldn’t expect to find her, TikTok.  

Over the 3 months that we worked together,  Danielle and I clarified her audience, her offer, her business model, her marketing platform, and her long-term goal of thought leadership in what she calls the next wave of health care.  When you coach someone as smart as Danielle, getting them to understand that they are being hindered by the fact that they want to do everything and have the energy and bandwidth to do so.  Danielle’s dramatic outcome from our work together was largely a result of her willingness to embrace intentional constraint, one of my key coaching concepts.  I can’t wait to share this inspiring woman with you! 


Today’s guest and Client Success Story had already been successful in a previous career when she decided to start helping other people heal from thyroid issues.  

Danielle’s first brush with fame: (there’s more than one way to get comfortable being in the public eye…) 


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