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Do you have a podcast that features content related to entrepreneurship, ADHD or mental health & business?  I would love to be your guest and bring value to your listeners.  

Some of my areas of expertise are:

  • Why Forbes calls ADHD “The Entrepreneur’s Superpower” 
  • The mental health hazards of entrepreneurship 
  • What highly successful entrepreneurs do differently 
  • How to make your business & lifestyle more ADHD friendly 
  • The unique challenges of female entrepreneurs 

I am an expert in entrepreneurial mental health, adult ADHD,  positive psychology, radical self acceptance, cognitive coaching, self-care for the self employed and emotional resiliency.  My style is direct and frequently irreverent, yet always professional.  I’ve also been told I have an “NPR quality voice” and need little to no editing.

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What I can offer your listeners:

I’m uniquely qualified to speak on the issues of entrepreneurship, mental health, and adult ADHD because I am both a certified coach and a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience.  It all started with the ADHD diagnosis of my oldest son at the age of 8.  Two years later,  I was in graduate school, writing my master’s thesis on ADHD in Adulthood: Personality or Pathology? This was before it was even being diagnosed in adults. 

I was identified as gifted in the 4th grade, but my own ADHD diagnosis came many years later, after a few bouts of depression.  This period also included two divorces and several career changes.  In the meantime, I raised children (two of whom are ADHD as well), embraced Buddhism, experienced skydiving, traveled the world and acquired two tattoos. I have been a entrepreneur (officially) since 2010, but the traits were evident since childhood.
This means that I not only understand how to strive, struggle and succeed with ADHD, but I also I have intimate knowledge of the challenges of entrepreneurship and how they affect one’s mental health.
I believe that it’s time our society stopped stigmatizing normal human suffering that all creatives, visionaries and pioneers experience.  Entrepreneurs are the only reliable source of positive human evolution, and always have been.  They need and deserve support and protection so that all of mankind can continue to move forward.
My goal is to inform, but also to inspire and perhaps provoke a little too. I want people to examine the way they think and what they believe about mental health, the power of social conditioning,  the cost of conformity, and the possibility that people who are different aren’t broken or less than, they’re just different.  

Here’s a small selection of podcasts I’ve been featured on:

Diann Wingert

Offical Bio:

Diann Wingert, LCSW is a certified coach, licensed therapist and expert on entrepreneurial mental health and ADHD.  She is on a mission to spread the message that entrepreneurs need society’s understanding,  encouragement and support if mankind is to continue to evolve.  

Through her transformational coaching programs, Diann teaches her clients how to:

  • Stop depleting their energy and maintain balanced mood & motivation
  • Develop an ADHD friendly business and lifestyle
  • Overcome procrastination & distractibility
  • Eliminate negative beliefs that lead to anxiety & overwhelm
  • Improve their relationships & communication at work and home
  • Discover & share their greatest gifts

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I would be delighted to share and promote our episode to my audience in both solo emails and social media posts.  Just send me the link to the recording, your show art and the release date.


If you think I might make a good guest, or if you want to get to know me better first, lets connect. Please click here to schedule a time on my calendar.  I’d be more than happy to schedule myself on your calendar as well, just send me an email using this contact form.


I have an AT2010 microphone, a solid internet connection, and a quiet space.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Diann Wingert