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Lessons in Entrepreneurship from "Inventing Anna"

After binge-watching the Netflix series, I read articles, watched interviews and documentaries, and scrolled through all the IG accounts that may or may not be hers.  But this episode is not about my psychological assessment of Anna’s character, motives, or personality pathology.  It is about my thoughts on the skills and mindset that almost made her a very successful founder and entrepreneur, someone I think we can learn from, regardless of what we think of her motivation or methods.   

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1 YEAR PODVERSARY: Reflections on Finding My Voice

It’s time to celebrate, Driven Women! This week is our one year Podversary and I am so excited to announce that I have consistently produced this podcast every single week for an entire year.   In this solo episode, I take you back in time to my first interview as a podcast guest, through my journey of procrastination and perfectionism that delayed The Driven Woman for two years and what I finally figured out I needed to pull the trigger.  If you have a goal or project that you just can’t seem to get off the ground, this one is for you.   

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