Media  Appearances

I have been featured on various podcasts speaking on the topic of ADHD - below you will find a few of my most recent interviews.

If you host a podcast, I'd be thrilled to appear as a guest and discuss all things ADHD. You can find out more about what I can contribute to your audience here.

AHDH Rewired

176 | Bending the world to our ADHD with Diann Wingert

Diann Wingert is a licensed psychotherapist, master certified coach, parent of adult children with ADHD, and she has ADHD herself. After many years of “dancing with denial,” she was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of sixty. Diann specializes in coaching high-functioning but under-achieving adults with ADHD.


Radical Acceptance and ADHD

ADHD Coach, Diann Wingert, shares with us her journey of self-discovery, which includes meditation, CBT, DBT, radical acceptance and ADHD.

She describes herself as a triple threat:  psychotherapist, coach, and mother of 3 kids with ADHD.

So, how was it that it took until age 60 before she was diagnosed herself?