Are you ready to get serious about showing your business who's boss?   


Feeling like an actual boss in your business, instead of an amateur, an imposter or an employee.  You might think that other business owners don’t struggle with setting boundaries, raising their rates, saying no to nightmare clients and having uncomfortable conversations with team members but they do, at least until they figure out what to do about it. 

Most of us started off doing the same thing - following the big-name celebrity coaches, course creators, and marketing gurus and trying to make ourselves over in their image.  Now, after the first few years, we have a business that is thrown together from a bunch of odds and ends, where we don’t know what’s working and what isn’t, leaving us questioning how to untangle all the spaghetti we’ve thrown.  It’s not your fault, and you’re not alone. It's designed to make the gurus rich, not you.   

This is the dirty little secret of online business and the coaching industry.  I am pretty pissed about how many truly brilliant women there are who think they are a hot mess in business and everyone else has it together.  It is just not true.  The way I see it, the very traits that make you such an amazing coach, consultant, or creative professional set you up to have these challenges.  

I created the Boss Up Breakthrough to help other female solopreneurs feel more confident, act with more courage, and make decisions with more clarity  (without feeling like a sell-out or a total bitch.) What’s the payoff, besides actually feeling like a boss?  A profitable, sought-after business based on doing what matters most and eliminating the drama that drags you down. 

This small group program brings together the best of my experience and expertise as a business strategist, mentor and coach (and former psychotherapist) with the power of an intimate circle of like-minded bosses to create your own personal posse. 

We are starting on September 21st, so the doors close on September 18th









If you’re a coach, consultant,  creative or independent professional,

you’ve already heard that you have to “feel the fear and do it anyway” when it comes to asking for the business,  know your worth and set limits on client's access to your time and energy, and make decisions based on profit, not passion.  But what if you still feel like a beck and call girl for every client you have, say no to the wrong clients and never seem to fire them, and keep team members around who are barely doing their job and haven’t raised your rates in years?  In my experience, you need accountability and guidance to get the job done. 

Here’s what you might not know

Even if you dream of leveraging your time and scaling your business, working in your zone of genius, and outsourcing the rest, the path to getting there isn’t as obvious as you may think.  And, the business model and methods you’d need just might make you hate your business more than you already do.  You might not even want what you think you want, because we have all been told to want it by the so-called experts. 

The Boss Up Breakthrough was designed to address the struggles most female service-based business owners have with their time, energy, and focus which keep them stuck in their current income and profit level, feeling resentful of how hard they are working and questioning if they have what it takes to be a boss. 

These doubts keep us from taking chances, and we stay stuck.  Some of us even burn out and that is something I want to prevent because I believe successful, sustainable self-employment gives women freedom and security, not to mention self-respect. 

So, what can you expect from going through this program? 


Identify your stand-out offers and eliminate the rest to free up energy and create focus

Set the kind of boundaries that earn your clients’ respect and don’t make you feel guilty

Communicate clearly and with confidence with your prospects, clients and team without feeling like a bitch

Right-size your products, programs and business model to fit your life, not take over your life

Want to know something people think is totally obvious about being your own boss, but it turns out to not even be true? 


That you will be able to recognize what’s working and what isn’t in your business. 

Actually, it’s pretty damn hard to read the label from inside the jar and it’s human nature to be overly attached to the choices we have made (even if they aren’t working AT ALL)  

So, we keep doing the same things (same marketing, same prices, same habits) and expecting different results (cue the popular meme about the definition of insanity…) 

Been there, done that? Awesome.

OK, great, so what the heck do you do next?

IMHO,  this calls for you to yank your biggest big girl panties all the way up to your chin, secure them with chip clips to your ears if necessary and admit there’s no shame in admitting you could use some feedback, guidance, and support.  And some accountability wouldn’t hurt either.  

The fact is most coaches, consultants, creatives and indie professionals don’t make it to the promised land of passive income and 3 day work weeks.  They also won’t hit 7-figures, ever.  

And there is nothing wrong with any of that except that we have been conditioned to think those are our goals. One of the biggest boss up moves of all is for you to right-size your business and live according to your values, not the values of (insert celebrity coach or marketing guru’s name here)  who is never going to live your life, pay your bills or worry about your future. 

Can I just tell you the most massive problem with all of this?

Even if we never work together, it is absolutely vital that you GET this.  Your business needs to be YOUR business, based on YOUR goals, YOUR values, YOUR lifestyle and in alignment with what you are willing to do to have what you want.  Far too many of us realized we left corporate to be our own boss only to unknowingly hand over control to people who have made millions off us believing they knew best. They don't.  But you can figure it out, with a little help and support. 

     The 4 reasons most female solopreneurs fail

      to create a profitable, sought-after business

REASON 01  They don’t develop their identity as a boss 

THIS IS THE MISTAKE that limits their success and satisfaction 

They let their clients dictate what programs they create, what prices they charge, how available they are and without even realizing it, give up a sense of authority in their business (their boss identity) 

Maybe it’s because we have had so few really awesome examples of successful women entrepreneurs or we’ve had bad experiences with bosses of all genders, so we don’t even want to think of ourselves as a boss.   I believe that every self employed woman should think of herself as a boss, even if she works by herself as well as for herself.  It’s a mindset shift that has big payoffs. 

REASON 02  They don’t feel comfortable asking for what they want 

THIS IS THE MISTAKE that keeps income low and profits slow 

When I started my first business, I was so fearful that no one would hire me that I worked with anyone who was willing to do so.  My prices were way too low, my clients were difficult and demanding and one of them was a borderline stalker.  If I had been clear with myself about who I wanted to work with and how I wanted that engagement to look,  I doubt it would have reached the point of feeling completely exhausted and resentful.  

REASON 03  They don’t know how to set boundaries without feeling like a bitch 

THIS IS THE MISTAKE that leads to scope creep, dysfunctional client dynamics and a toxic relationship with productivity 

Setting limits, clarifying what you will and won’t do, and dealing with push back is genuinely challenging, especially for the sensitive, creative, and empathic types. But doing too much for too little in return is not generosity, and it's not a victimless crime. You are paying a price, one that adds up over time, and is not in your favor. 

REASON 04  They love a creative challenge, a little too much

THIS IS THE MISTAKE that leads to multiple offers, products, programs and services.  They asked, your answered and the answer is always YES.  But, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should and its almost impossible to identity your stand out offer if you simply have too many of them.  

One of my favorite things to help clients declutter their business.  A major boss up move is letting go of underperforming programs that are an energetic drain and a distraction from what could reallly put them on the map.  

Most business coaches will tell you that they know THE WAY to the point where it starts to sound like religion.  Nobody knows THE WAY because there is no such thing.  There is this way, and that way and the other way and your business doesn’t have to look like Marie’s or Amy’s or Jenna’s or Brooke’s. In fact, it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s business,  It just has to be right for you, at this stage of your business and life.

That is what I teach because that is what I’ve learned the hard way, by drinking the Kool-Aid, just like you did.  Every flavor on the market.  And what I learned is that the best business for us is the one we create around our strengths, our values, our goals and our genius.  And anyone who tells you they know what YOU should do is not your friend and should not be your coach. 

What to Expect 

Feedback & strategic brainstorming on where to take your business
Help with being more consistent and accountability 
Learn how to eliminate the things that are holding you back 
A community of like-minded peers who are in a similar place in their business
12 weeks of learning + implementation = your boss up breakthrough
Apply to Join The Boss Up Breakthrough

Hi, I'm Diann


We both know that you have tons of options when it comes to business coaching, but making the right choice can feel like a real crap shoot.  The best way I know to attract the right people is to be really direct, honest, and clear about who I am and how I help, and I'm willing to say "no" if we're not a fit. 

I insist on a brief screening call before inviting someone to work together because I want to make sure they are a good fit for me and the group. This is especially important in a program like Boss Up Breakthrough because your experience will be influenced by the other participants, as much as by me. 

Some things you might want to know:

I know a lot about starting, stopping, and shifting gears, letting go of what isn't working, taking risks, and remaining confident in spite of failure.  I learned this from divorce and remarriage, as well as having three different careers. 


My two sons and one daughter are long since grown and flown, but my ten years as a single parent taught me to lead by balancing guidance, support, and accountability.  

Meditation, exercise, a daily nap, and a lifestyle that combines structure with spontaneity are my tools for managing chronic pain and ADHD. I consider Buddhism to be more my philosophy of living than my religion.  

I love dogs, travel, coffee, and witty banter (not necessarily in that order).  I am an Aries, an Enneagram 7, an ENTP and my Strengths Finder Top 5 are Strategic, Ideation, WOO, Significance, and Futuristic.  I may be a bit much for some, but I am OK with that. 

I am still driven by the Girl Scout motto to "always leave a place better than you found it", I am relentlessly curious and I tend to drop a lot of "F" bombs (but more like an exclamation point and never directed at others.)  

Oh, and I have been successfully self-employed since 2010.   


I am a more confident boss and show up that way to my team. I second guess myself a lot less. I'm more comfortable really getting to the bottom of an issue and making sure everyone is clear on what is being asked and expected moving forward.


I wanted to work with Diann as I was stuck in my head about setting up my business and wanted some help toget clearer. I'd been a fan of Diann's podcast for a while and that's why I approached her. I am only starting out with my business and Diann has given me a sense of clarity, direction, what the nextsteps are and what to prioritise.


I am more deliberate in what I take on and planning for my future as well as my day. I've identified the values driving me in my business and the best ways to provide my services consistent with those values. I see more possibilities and am starting to really 'get' that the only real limitations are the ones I put on myself.


I have started trusting myself (intuition) more. I face my fears and try not to let them stop me from reaching formy goals. I got past that scary part in the beginning because of the structure and clarity Diann provided. I've always known I have more growing to do and she helped me start to see that I can reach my full potential. I also feel more confident working with people because of Diann.


Diann helped me see the bigger picture and the potential I have for myself and my business. These changes have already resulted in better work/life balance while being more productive than I have in the past. I'm making shifts that will allow me to be more profitable and avoid burnout trying to reach my goals. I am making authentic, long-lasting changes because of the mindset shifts I have made while working with Diann.


Diann has had such a positive impact on my life. She has helped me redefine myself and my larger goals andhas helped me see myself as a creative, gifted, and intuitive individual with so much potential. She has helped me put systems into place and build habits that have allowed me to understand and workaround some of my natural tendencies,while reinforcing my ability to pursue long term goals with intention.


Are you ready for a Boss Up Breakthrough?

The first step is to schedule a screening call with me to make sure we're a fit and that this is the right next step for you & you business 

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