What to Expect During a Free Consultation

One of the practices in the coaching industry that I really dislike is the Discovery Call.  It sounds harmless, but most coaches have been trained to use manipulative tactics to "close leads" on these calls because what they don't tell you is that the purpose of the discovery call is for you to discover that you are in trouble and that coach is your solution.  Period. 

A free consultation is a way for potential clients to discover if the coach is the right fit for them and for the coach to determine if the client is adequately prepared to have a successful coaching outcome. It is different from a discovery call because it focuses on the client's needs, rather than the coach's agenda. I use a free consultation very intentionally.  I first started doing so as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in my former career and incorporated it into my practices as a coach. 

I will not pressure the consultee to become a client, and I will not promise anything that I cannot deliver. I will provide guidance and advice, even if we are not a fit, and I will provide referrals to someone else if need be. I am taking on two more one-on-one clients, so if you are interested, don't wait and book your free consultation now.  The link to do so is right here in the show notes, below. 


"Applied knowledge is power."


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. What are the hard-hitting tactics used by coaches to convert leads into sales?
  2. What is the difference between a discovery call and a free consultation?
  3. How can applied knowledge, rather than just knowledge, be used to move the needle in your business or life?


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Chapter Summaries:


The purpose of a discovery call is to help potential clients discover that they need help in reaching their goals. Most coaches who sell high-ticket programs are not successful at ensuring that you, the potential client, get value for what you've invested. Many business owners are choosing to struggle rather than risk hiring another coach that doesn't actually help them move forward in their business.


Business owners are choosing to struggle and suffer on their own rather than risk hiring help. What is the difference between a discovery call and a free consultation? Applied knowledge is power. Learning without action is never going to move the needle in your business or life.


If you decide to schedule a free consultation with me, here's what to expect. I will not invite you to become a client if I do not believe you are ready to work with me. Because I'm working exclusively one on one at this time, it gives me a lot of freedom to customize the way I work, focusing on your specific goals, in a way that suits your needs and preferences.


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