What Does Trauma Have to Do with Your Business? with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has noticed the dramatic increase in the number of coaches who refer to themselves as ‘trauma-focused”, ‘trauma-aware” or “trauma-conscious.”  There is no question that there is a tremendous need. Half of all women have experienced trauma at some time in their lives and there is a significant percentage of traumatized people who become entrepreneurs.  Because I work with female entrepreneurs, I wanted to address this issue on the podcast, and talk with someone who is a legitimate expert on the intersection of trauma and entrepreneurship, so I invited Nicole Lewis-Keeber back as my first return guest. 

Nicole has spent years studying, training, and developing her expertise in this area as a licensed psychotherapist, coach, facilitator, speaker, trainer, and published author. She created her signature program “Do No Harm” because simply having a personal history of trauma and the desire to help others does not qualify anyone as “trauma-conscious.” This convo may be triggering to some, but I hope will listen all the way to the end of the episode.  This subject is far too important to not address, even if it might ruffle some feathers.  


Nicole and I discuss:

  • The definition of trauma
  • Why trauma has become trendy 
  • What Nicole noticed in biographies about both Will Smith & Prince 
  • Therapy, coaching, trauma & entrepreneurship 


Also mentioned in this interview:

  • ACES Scale 
  • Bruce Perry's book: What Happened to You?


Mic Drop Moments:

“What works for you works for you.”  (not necessarily someone else…)  

Nicole Lewis-Keeber


Nicole’s first interview with me: https://apple.co/3OOboeM


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