Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success with ADHD Using Systems & Support


If you have heard that ADHD is the “entrepreneur’s superpower” you might be more than a little confused.  Let’s face it, ADHD is a diagnosable neurobiological disorder that can create countless struggles in life.  So, which is it: superpower or disability?

In this episode, I will unpack some of the myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes regarding ADHA and entrepreneurship, share the three subtypes of ADHD and which one I see more often in successful female entrepreneurs, the need for support in business and life for those with ADHD, the importance of taking risks, developing resilience and leveraging hyperfocus and your zone of genius.  I will also clarify the difference between having ADHD traits and having an ADHD diagnosis. 

"If you suspect that you have ADHD, you have experienced failure. And at the very least, you've had tons of experience with adapting to your circumstances, circumstances that were not designed for you."


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. What is the connection between entrepreneurship and ADHD?
  2. What does it take to be successful as an entrepreneur with ADHD?
  3. How do entrepreneurs with ADHD leverage their strengths and neutralize their struggles?


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Chapter Summaries:


Not all entrepreneurs have ADHD, period. And not all people with ADHD become entrepreneurs. There are three different types of ADHD. Knowing what you're good at? Knowing what is in your zone of genius and what comes naturally to you is probably the best way to become successful as an entrepreneur with ADHD.


If you suspect that you have ADHD, you have experienced failure. That experience is one of the most important things that we need to learn how to do better as entrepreneurs. It develops resiliency. It does not mean you are not destined to succeed and succeed big time as an entrepreneur.


Another trait I see very often in entrepreneurs with ADHD is a very strong need to make a difference and to have an impact. Not everybody who has ADHD is ready to have a business, especially if they're just learning about their ADHD. To be diagnosed with ADHD, you have to have enough of the traits.


When it comes to the ADHD brain, there's a hierarchy of drivers. The top tier is interest. When we put our minds to something that is fascinating, we are able to tap into the power of hyper-focus. The third is novelty. The fourth is urgency.  When all else fails, and we are up against a deadline, urgency gets the job done, but it’s not our best work. 


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