Unhiding: A Conversation About Disability & Belonging with Ruth Rathblott

As we wrap up this year of embracing visibility, authenticity and incorporate our values and priorities into our businesses and lives, I was inspired by the story of Ruth Rathblott, an inspiring woman who spent 25 years hiding a physical difference.  She joins me on today’s episode to share her journey of unmasking her true self and how that decision has transformed her life and her mission. 

Ruth Rathblott is a DEI speaker, consultant and author who is obsessed with the topic of unhiding.  She is committed to helping others understand the impact of hiding on the individuals, companies and on our culture at large.  

While Ruth’s difference is physical and mine are in the area of neurodivergence, I really resonated with her story of hiding and unhiding, and the impact of self acceptance on not only our mental health and wellbeing, but that of countless others who feel more seen, understood and experience a sense of belonging, some for the very first time because of our example.  


Key Takeaways from the Episode:

The Toll of Hiding: Ruth opens up about the emotional toll of hiding her physical difference and the impact it had on her mental and physical health. Her story sheds light on the cost of inauthenticity.

Creating Safe Conversations: Ruth emphasizes the importance of creating safe spaces for conversations around differences, especially during the teenage years when individuals may feel the pressure to fit in and hide their true selves.

Unhiding in the Modern Workforce: The discussion covers the challenges of the modern workforce and the need for a shift in leadership principles to foster a culture where individuals can be authentic and feel supported.

Changing the Cultural Message: The conversation touches on the need to change the cultural message regarding disability, focusing on promoting open conversation and fostering a proud and strong identity around differences of all kinds.


Ruth’s Book, “Singlehandedly: Learning to Unhide and Embrace Connection”  https://bit.ly/3tdbM1P

Ruth’s TedX Talk: “When I Stopped Hiding, I Found Freedom” 


Ruth on social media:




Also mentioned in this episode: 

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks (book)  https://amzn.to/3BcPldh


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Want to apply the insights from this episode to your own life?  Start here:

  1. How did the concept of "hiding" and "unhiding" resonate with you, and when did you first recognize your own differences and start to hide them? 
  2. In what ways does the modern workforce and virtual communication impact the dynamic of hiding and unhiding aspects of oneself, and what needs to shift in leadership principles to create a more inclusive and supportive environment?
  3. What is the "unhiding manifesto" that was discussed in the episode, and how can it be implemented in education, workplace environments, and community events to create a psychologically safe space for individuals to be themselves?

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