Uncovering the Psychology Behind Writing Copy with Erin Ollila

Erin Ollila is an experienced writer and copywriter with an MFA in creative writing and a background in mental health. She is passionate about understanding human nature and using her expertise to help people make informed decisions about their businesses, especially in the words they choose and use to convey who they are, what they do, and the clients they are best suited to work with.  In other words, copywriting.  

Erin knows that the key to engaging copy is to speak to the reader and create an inviting journey. She believes that everyone has the capacity to write their own copy, but needs to keep an eye out for the pitfalls of poor advice that can make them think they are successful when they really aren’t. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • How did Erin Ollila realize she wanted to become a writer?
  • How can we use customer journeys to communicate effectively?
  • How can we ensure that our marketing assets, such as websites and emails, are speaking to our readers and prompting them to take the desired action?


In Her Words:  

"I'm ingrained in my communication style to relate through stories, to tell stories, and that's how I connect with people."   Erin Ollila 


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Chapter Summaries:


Writing is something I always thought I would do as a child. My first bio referenced myself as an emotional archeologist. I love studying what makes people tick. It's this love of storytelling that makes me good as a marketer.


My most abiding topic of interest is human nature. From a marketing perspective, it's just taught so incorrectly to online business owners. He says we don't all have one ideal client. A used car lot has multiple client personas.


There are many people who can write well, but that does not mean they have the skills to write marketing copy. No one's really taught to write to a reader in any different type of writing. It's very difficult to get someone to take you seriously as an expert when you are showing up with an insecure vibe.


Are you a fan of the notion of a customer journey? Because I have heard that you can literally create a journey for every email, for every social media caption, and obviously for every sales page. Think about how can I present information and then move someone through that information.


I am both an SEO copywriter, which is search engine optimization, and a conversion copywriter. What I believe is if we can use SEO to attract people to our website, we then have to give them instructions on what we want them to see. Marketing and copywriting are very easily overlooked.


A lot of people are just following the popular wisdom, if you will, online. What I think is so sad and super frustrating and I have absolutely been a victim of this, is just focusing on the amount, but not the quality. Do you think that most people can be successful DIY-ing?


I am very passionate that people can manage their own copywriting and marketing for a good period of time. When it comes to marketing, the answer is almost it depends on everything and everyone. Where is the best time investment? Where do we have more room to test?


Three years ago, my standard mantra was “I'm not tech-savvy.” Now I realize that everything I want to do requires technology and that I am getting better at it every day. 


The difference between being a conversion copywriter and an SEO copywriter. Where I get true heart eyes in my own business is SEO. Not every business can make a quick sale. Seo is coming back into being extremely important in people's businesses.


So think of content. Instead of trying to spray everywhere, you're going to come up with one thing and allow that to kind of rain on all of your different touchpoints. And remember, we are talking about strategy, not tactics.



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