Transforming Pain into Purpose with LY Marlow

Today I am joined by LY Marlow, who is an award winning author, speaker, podcaster, entrepreneur, philanthropist and women’s empowerment advocate.  I am always on the lookout for guests who are inspiring examples of overcoming obstacles, regardless of what their specific challenges might be, and LY is no exception. 

LY grew up with few advantages, in a family culture of domestic violence, teen pregnancy, low expectations and bad choices.  We talked at length about identity, resiliency and the awareness that there is another way, from an early age.  Her mission and message to help women recognize that the things we are afraid of, what LY calls “Monsters”, don’t have to stop us.  We can not only stand up to our Monsters, but we can actually learn to use our fear as fuel. 

In addition to her coaching and consulting business, LY runs a non-profit organization, “Saving Promise”, devoted to ending domestic violence, named for her granddaughter.  When she is not running her business, her nonprofit, writing books, speaking, coaching or podcasting, LY enjoys good chocolate and Pinot Noir.   She’s also very funny and enjoys a good belly laugh with a friend, old or new.  


This week’s Pod Praise comes from Mary Rogers who says “ I have been a huge fan of Diann Wingert for YEARS! She's been a regular guest on many other podcasts, including my own. Every episode provides multiple AHA moments for women who just can't seem to "get it together".  Thanks, Mary! 


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