Toxic Entrepreneurship with Casey Jourdan

entrepreneurship Mar 22, 2021

I am excited to share today’s guest, Casey Jourdan with you.  Casey is a business strategist and mentor who works with early-stage, primarily female entrepreneurs. 

Casey rejected the traditional life of the 9-5 so-called secure career path with benefits.  This is not just because of the effects of the impact to her brain from having been blown up in Iraq while she was serving in the military, but also as a result of some residual PTSD, but because of her feelings about how entrepreneurship is being promoted on the internet, in particular, something she calls Toxic Entrepreneurship.

In essence, Toxic Entrepreneurship is: 

  • The hustle culture of excessive productivity and positivity 
  • The single-minded focus on material evidence that you are “winning”
  • The lack of actual teaching, no matter how deep into their “funnel” you buy into
  • Promoted primarily by white dudes promising a fast track to a life of ease 
  • Manipulative tactics based on scarcity and fear-based marketing 

Casey helps her clients craft the entrepreneurial lifestyle that meets their needs, takes their strengths and limitations into account, and suits the life they actually have, not the one the bro marketers are trying to sell them. Check out her website, follow her on IG and listen to her podcast, Steady She Grows.

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This week’s podcast review, from Ashlee Braxton, life coach and host of The Happy Choice Podcast, writes: She's Wonder Woman!  Diann just gets it. Her podcast always teaches you something and has you wanting more. Truly a wonderful woman.  

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