Too Many Ideas is Worse Than Not Enough

adhd mastery Mar 29, 2021

If you heard my last solo episode, the one I called Do the Thing,  you’ll see that I am on a roll. You see, I work with creative female entrepreneurs and while each of them is unique,  many of their struggles are far too common.  

This week, I’m going to share my thoughts about how having a super creative brain, which is always spouting one amazing idea after another is actually a problem. Not a problem as in you should feel sorry for me, boo hoo, #thestruggleisreal kind of way, but it does tend to lead to trouble knowing which one to focus on,  trouble sticking with it after the shiny wears off, and trouble even thinking any of them is worth doing because the best idea ever is the one you haven’t had yet. 

In this week’s solo episode, we are going to talk about endless creativity, difficulty focusing, and struggling to recognize our own brilliance, and most importantly, what to do with all of it.   

Our Pod Praise (podcast review) this week comes from Gwendalyn, a serial entrepreneur listener, who writes: 

Diann is an incredible speaker and gives great insight and information for the female entrepreneur. If you’re looking for a podcast to motivate you with your own business or adventures this is the one!”  Thanks, Gwendalyn! 

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