There is No Magic Pill

Of all the things we need to learn how to master as a coach or consultant is expectation management.  It is more important than your niche, your offers, your marketing, price point, packaging our expertise or what social media platforms to spend our time on.   You can’t fully rely on your potential client to know what they expect from hiring you, either.  You have to get ahead of the conversation by asking questions that reveal their unconscious beliefs and desires because those are the ones they will judge you by. 

Something I have come to understand is how often clients are looking for a Magic Pill and have zero self awareness that this is even the case.  A Magic Pill is the belief that there will be a perfect solution to whatever we are struggling with, and they just keep trying different things until they find it.   Sometimes we unwittingly participate in this search for a Magic Pill by the way we market our services and sell our programs by over stating the benefits. 

Change is hard and requires that we change our beliefs and our identity, not just our behavior.  We all want solutions that are easy, fast and effortless, but meaningful and lasting change almost never is.   In this no-BS solo episode, we are going to dismantle the myth of the Magic Pill, so we can offer our potential clients genuine value, and no-BS offers, not hype. 

Highlights of this episode:

  • What is a Magic Pill and why are so many of us looking for one? 
  • How coaches and consultants are selling Magic Pills without realizing it 
  • What we can learn from the weight loss industry about human nature 


  • Alternatives to Magic Pill thinking 
    • Being in the right room & leaving when it’s time to move on
    • Watching for opportunities to be an early adopter
    • Being willing to experiment and fail 
    • Being willing to tolerate discomfort 
    • Recognize what people really want: guidance, support & accountability 


Even if you aren’t desperately seeking magic pills, you may have habits in your business that cost you income, profit, and success.  I created a quiz with 6 different behaviors I often see in female solopreneurs that hold them back. Here’s your invitation to take the quiz, and get specific feedback, guidance, and practical advice about your particular challenge and more importantly, steps you can take to fix it.   

Click on this link to take the quiz: What’s Holding You Back?


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So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman!  Please join us next week for another amazing guest interview with Neena Perez.  We talk about what we both learned from a challenging childhood that has made us who we are, two No-BS business coaches.  I hope you’ll join us for a very fun and inspiring conversation. 

In the meantime, stay driven!  


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