Therapist vs Coach: What's the Difference?


One of the subjects I am asked for my opinion on most often is the confusion between therapy and coaching.  I guess you could say I am uniquely qualified to address this topic because before I trained and certified as a coach, I was a licensed psychotherapist for over twenty years.  It has become a complicated, contradictory and at times controversial subject and one that a growing number of people are talking about. 

After being asked this question in a number of interviews on other podcasts, I decided it was time to discuss it on The Driven Woman.  The point here is not that therapists are better, safer, or more competent across the board.  I know many fine coaches who do excellent work and hold themselves to standards of integrity and ethics that equal those of any licensed therapist. I have also known a number of therapists who were mediocre at best.  

In this episode, I hope to raise awareness, stimulate some thinking, and most of all, encourage people to trust their intuition and do their homework.   In this episode, I make the offer to personally respond to anyone who has a follow-up question on this subject after listening to the full episode.  The options are:  DM me at IG @coachdiannwingert or email me at [email protected].   

Discussed in this episode: 

  • How do therapists and coaches differ in terms of their credentials: training, licensing, certification, and regulation 
  • The connection between the medical model and mental health stigma 
  • Unsung heroes: bartenders, personal trainers, massage therapists, and hair stylists
  • The big issues:  boundaries, confidentiality, privacy, dual relationships 
  • Insight and healing or growth and goal achievement
  • Should you work with both a therapist and a coach at the same time? 
  • Pricing and packaging of therapy vs coaching and how this influences our expectations and outcomes 

Also mentioned: 


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