The Six Habits with Laura DiBennedetto

Nearly everyone declares happiness as a life goal, and takes whatever actions they think will lead to a happy outcome.  We buy things, start relationships, go places and seek out experiences because of how we think they will make us feel, hopefully happy.  This pursuit of happiness can turn out well, but it’s just as likely to lead to a mountain of debt and massive disappointment.  Until we realize that happiness is not something we could earn, acquire or attract, the search for happiness can continue for years, if not decades. 

Today’s guest, Laura DiBenedetto, was a shooting star - an entrepreneur at 19, retired at 37, having overcome a backstory of bullying, burnout, bankruptcy.  Laura is an example of so many women I have met who are fueled both by their own innate drive, but also by the effects of trauma.  More often than not,  the harder they strive for happiness, the more it evades them, even if the world sees them as highly accomplished and successful. 

Laura is now the bestselling author of the book, The Six Habits, a Happiness Coach, TedX speaker.  Like me, she has learned many of life’s lessons the hard way and now helps others get to their happy ending with a lot less stress.  If you are an entrepreneur who is driven to overcome a difficult past,  you are going to want to lean in and listen closely.  I found Laura’s journey to be an inspiring one and I am happy to share her with you today. 


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