The Side Hustle Entrepreneur with Vanessa Zamy

We have all heard the stories of the woman who gave her boss the finger, strode out of her job in her high heels and launched a 6-figure online business overnight, but this is not only a fairy tale, but how many of us could go for who-knows-how-long without a paycheck as a first time entrepreneur? Unless you are an heiress, married into money or are living in your car and living on the dollar menu and free Wifi at McDonalds, the side hustle route makes a lot more sense.  

Today’s guest is an impressive young woman named Vanessa Zamy. She is a keynote speaker, bestselling author and business consultant who is dedicated to helping full-time employees transition to entrepreneurship by developing their business as a side hustle while they are still employed. Her motto: keep it simple, then keep it movin’! Vanessa’s background includes a Management Science and Engineering Degree from Stanford University, and strategic leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies.

If you have ever heard the expression, “if you want something done, give it to a busy person”, (or, as I say, a busy woman…) they must have been thinking of Vanessa.  She knows a thing or two about the side hustle and she’s here to drop some wisdom today.  If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, this one’s for you.  


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