The Organized Entrepreneur with Barbara Trapp

entrepreneurship podcast Dec 15, 2020

In this lively conversation with professional organizer, Barbara Trapp of Zen Your Den,  we discuss:

  • How Barbara went from “not particularly organized” to a professional organizer 
  • When the perfectionism - indecision - procrastination cycle leads to chronic disorganization, especially if you have ADHD 
  • The designated workspace - strategies from Stephen King & Maya Angelou 
  • Why disorganization is a better challenge for women (hint, gender conditioning…) 
  • When it comes to organization - are you an Innie or an Outie? 
  • Barbara’s rules for clearing clutter & getting organized:
    • Start with the floor
    • Top to bottom
    • Clockwise 
    • Define your scope
    • Make it fun 
    • Open the mail 
    • 3 Magic Questions 
    • Let there be lighting 
  • Dealing with the feelings of letting things go, especially during transitions 
  • How Barbara helped her mom ditch 60k emails almost instantly 
  • Using a vision board to imagine what’s next 
  • Barbara & Diann come clean about digital clutter 
  • The killer tagline for Barbara’s business: “Non-judgmental help for busy and overwhelmed people” 

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This week’s Pod Praise is from CanuckLiz who had this to say about The Driven Woman:  

“Are you talking about me? I just listened to the episode on memory and forgetfulness, and it felt like you were talking about me! I have struggled with my memory and concentration for years. I’ve blamed it on age, stress, being stupid, and even thought I might have early Alzheimer’s! My memory(or lack of it) has definitely held me back, and kept me playing small in some situations! Thank you for talking about it in this episode, and thank you for this podcast, I’ll be listening to them all!”

Thanks,  Canuck Liz! 


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