The No-BS Business Coach with Neena Perez

Women who have the audacity to speak their truth without guilt or apology are absolutely some of my favorite people and today’s guest, Neena Perez and I became instant friends. As soon as I saw the name of her podcast,  “Straight Talk, No Sugar Added”, and the title of her book, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot, How I Overcame a Hard Hitting Life”, I knew I was going to connect with business and performance coach, author, podcaster, and total baddie, Neena Perez.   Neena is also a chef and director of culinary operations, so believe me when I say this woman is a powerhouse and I am excited to introduce you to her.  

Instead of giving into the mindset and way of life she saw growing up, Neena was determined to not only survive but to succeed.   She knew that the key to overcoming her challenges was by changing her thinking, doing the work, and finding people to surround herself with who did not accept limits. Neena and I had such a great convo because she is just as direct and straightforward as I am.  She is also wise, generous, kind, and funny.  If you love this episode, you definitely want to check out our conversation on Straight Talk, No Sugar Added.  Her coaching framework is called  Master Your Game (Goals, Accountability, Mind-flow, Energy) 


Neena’s straight talk for solopreneurs: 

  • Know your why & go 7 levels deep
  • Reject the victim mindset 
  • Don’t expect handouts or ease
  • Boundaries are your friend 
  • Focus on your goals, not what others are doing 
  • Face your fears 


Mic Drop Moments: 

“If you have to bend down to get into the room, you are in the wrong room.” 

“Worrying about the opinions of others keeps you unsuccessful.”


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Neena Perez and I both work with high-achieving women and one of the common themes is that in spite of our effort, there is often a gap between where we are and where we want to be.   Does this apply to you and do you know the cause?  Take this quiz and get your personalized result, and what to do about it! 

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