The Multipassionate Creative Career with Sarah Mac


Growing up singing and dancing in the UK, Sarah Mac fell in love with the theater and decided that a career in the performing arts was the one for her.  A believer in manifesting opportunities in alignment with her desires, Sarah found herself taking advantage of one exciting experience after another. In a matter of years, her “say yes to everything” motto lead her to the edge of burnout and she realized she needed to find another way. 

Sarah reinvented herself as a creative business coach who works with coaches, healers, and artist-entrepreneurs who are ready for 5-figure months, more freedom, and fun in life and business. She supports creatives to sell coaching offers and digital courses and attract dream clients on repeat by sharing their authentic story online. Sarah is now based in Montreal and New York. She's also a rapper, video artist, and host of the Creative Magic Club podcast. 


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