The Accidental Entrepreneur's Guide to Success

Are you an accidental entrepreneur who's been told to simply 'leverage your corporate skills' to make it as an entrepreneur --but have come to realize it's really not the same game? In this episode, I'll share how to overcome the hardships faced by unintentional entrepreneurship, recognize the skills you mastered in your previous career that will help you succeed in your own business, and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset along the way.

When faced with being laid off, unable to find a suitable position, or caught between income-producing and caregiving responsibilities, many women become what I call “accidental entrepreneurs” and must find the courage to embrace risk-taking and creativity to build a successful business in a world where male entrepreneurs still outnumber them three to one and genuine mentors can be hard to find.

What I have come to appreciate as a result of being self employed since 2010 and helping others achieve this goal since 2015, accidental entrepreneurs may need to learn a few things, but we do not come to the table empty handed. I believe that  accidental entrepreneurs are far more likely to be intentional and a lot less impulsive with our business decisions. We have a strong sense of responsibility, accountability, and a deep sense of regard for the impact of our decisions and actions on others.  This may slow us down a bit compared to entrepreneurs with a longer track record of risk taking, but it can definitely make the difference between success and failure.  

The goals of this episode are to help you:

  • Navigate challenges faced by unexpected female entrepreneurs 
  • Utilize your corporate talents effectively in an entrepreneurial setting.
  • Address and overcome hurdles specific to accidental entrepreneurs.
  •  Develop a strong entrepreneurial mentality and personal identity.
  • Trust your intuition and battle perfectionism for improved business outcomes.

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